About Me & This Page

I have been a fan of Japanese characters my whole life, and about 20 years ago I became a fairly serious collector of character goods. I collect UFO catcher and other limited plush, figures and miniatures such as Re-ment and Nendoroid, and stationery/“kawaii” products like Sumikko Gurashi and Sanrio. Add to this lots of Pokemon. And sometimes other things!

Though it’s easier now than it once was, learning Japanese seemed essential to buying all these great figures and toys. My Japanese isn’t perfect, but I studied it for many years and feel pretty good about my reading and listening abilities, even if my writing and speaking are poor. So wherever I can, I like to explain linguistic differences while we look at all these toys.

I also like movies and crafts and languages and manga and the like, and I have a possum-like dog and a cat who may worry about her body shape and the best partner in the world, and we live in a house full of interesting things of minimal money value and a lot of potential random interest. When I’m not working, I study more Japanese, try to reduce myself to a fat level slightly less than 99%, and read.

I used to blog quite a bit back in the day, and after it seems the world’s stress level roughly tripled overnight, mine included, I thought I might take it up again. Nothing here is sponsored or promoted (if it ever is, I’ll say so). This is just a personal blog.

I don’t want to overly censor myself here, and I do have an odd sense of humor and like horror movies, so I won’t say this space is always SFW or all-ages, but I’ll tag and warn and am generally here to behave myself and share cute, offbeat things ☆

私は10年間ぐらい日本語を勉強していますが、書く事も話す事もあまり上手じゃありません。それでも、日本の文化とか言語学とか興味がありますで、毎日頑張ります。いつもお世話になります、よろしくお願いします。^ – ^

I won a Liebster Award September 2020!