The Get List: Tokyo Catch: Koupen-Chan Angel Shima Enaga Plush

In which I accidentally win something for basically the first time ever, though it might have sort of been definitely was dumb luck.

I have thought Koupen-chan was really cute for a long time, but the only place I really ran into goods for him(?) was via Re-Ment, and then I was too busy spending on other things. So I was happy to have my first win at Japan Catch be this plush!

My feelings on Japan Catch are a little mixed. They certainly have fast shipping — you can get requested prizes within days. But my interest in them has been waning a bit, because of crane problems that don’t get responded to, and the fact that as they get more clever about how to place prizes, the cost goes up and I’d rather have the variety of Toreba.

Their machines are better calibrated now, but I won this first plush just by letting the crane depress all the way and smushing it through. I felt rather clever.

Angel Plush, Shima Enaga from Koupen-chan

The plush is typical small crane plush quality, and cute and all, but I was a little disappointed at first – I thought I’d won Koupen-chan himself, and I didn’t know who this character was. But with so many characters, a little research makes him super lovable.

You can see his info on Japanese Wiki here; and there’s some English-language info here and here. From what I can tell, Shima Enaga is like the Gundam Tanaka of Koupen-chan — not only does he address himself with ware, which I tend to associate with evil characters or, like, demon lords, but he aspires to evil and darkness….despite his gentle heart.

Also, he does painting and calligraphy as a hobby and comes from Hokkaido — which he left, of course, to take over the world. And Aderi-san, the tall penguin, calls him shiratama dango, and I can’t really argue with him.

Also, real life shima enaga are so cute it physically hurts me.

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