Re-Ment: Sanrio Dolly Case

In which I get nostalgic, get grumpy, settle back into nostalgia, and eventually learn to stop worrying and enjoy what’s essentially a set of Sanrio “pimp cups.”

The two factors that really made me collect things were Sanrio and Re-Ment. Sanrio was part of my life since I was a little girl two hundred thousand years ago, and when I started studying Japanese in college, back when online translation wasn’t a significant thing, Re-Ment was one of the first things I bought and had to use some reading and speaking skills to find.

My first Re-Ment set was Fruits Ippai (Lots of Fruit, often translated as Fruit Wave for reasons I’m not quite sure of). I got it in 2007 and remember being basically in awe that a blind box’s contents actually seemed nicer up close/when touched than I had hoped. I was hooked. And while Re-Ment is a different company than what it used to be, it still produces creative, cool toys, and I still spend a lot on them.

In my mind, these Dolly Case Sanrio Re-Ment figures were going to be tiny. I mean, everything had measurements and whatnot, but I was so sure they’d be something like an inch and a half tall. Like a Fabrege egg. Or, you know, an egg, the regular eating kind.

Instead, they’re like those old “pimp cups” — god help me, if there’s a less problematic way to say that I don’t know it — but designed by Doremi Harukaze.

These things are huge. They each measure about 4.7 inches. They take up a rather significant shelf in my “toy room.” They’re too much, but then I go back to my little kid mind buried not-so-deep in my brain, and my perspective shifts a bit.

As a kid, I wouldn’t have noticed how brittle the plastic feels. I sure wouldn’t have gotten as frustrated trying to find that one subtle way the figure needs to be positioned on the “cushion” base that won’t result in it falling apart and the figure rolling into a vent hole.

Aww, their little feets…

I would have been delighted by the little extra figures, like Purin’s Muffin friend or Pochacco’s chick, instead of warning them through clenched teeth so help me god not to, again, roll into a vent hole. Young me would have loved the hell out of this set. And I imagine the little Japanese kiddos who bought or received one of these as blind boxes did too.

There are paint flaws, but there are also puppy feet!

And I mean, I recently changed around some things in the house, including things I hadn’t had up all that long, and yet I let these keep taking up that whole shelf. They look like the type of magical girl excess I’d spend a lot of money on for certain series, and if I don’t collect this stuff to get back into my more cheerful childhood self, why do I?

For cute puppy butts. That’s at least part of it.

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