Magazine: Steady June 2020

In which I receive, no joke, my favorite furoku of all time.

Lest you think I spend my money only on candy, toys, and magazines oriented toward children, I’ll have you know I also spend appalling amounts of money on clothing and makeup. I figure I may as well make sure to leave the most puzzling corpse ever if I happen to get murdered, with detectives hopelessly trying to piece together why my house contains tons of toys with no kids and 2.56 million eyeshadow palettes but only two days’ worth of food in the fridge.

Anyway, let’s talk about a fashion magazine!

All I see is the furoku in the upper right.

Here we have a magazine called Steady, a rather conservative (in terms of color, makeup, etc) fashion magazine for young adults of perhaps college age. It’s cute!

All that said, I’m about as out of touch with Japanese pop culture as I am with American, so I’ll stick to what I know for the most part. There are, nonetheless, some interesting non-character-good things, including a couple of pull-out booklets.

One of the little booklets can be seen on the left: Skin Care for Adults.

The other booklet is on good-looking Japanese male comedians, a few of which I’d heard of, including Pekopa and Kamaitachi (comedy duo, not youkai, though that’s why they were in that video in the first place!).

Thank goodness for names written in romaji.

Of course, you’ll also find the usual fashion magazine types of things, like lots of makeup ads, clothing shopping suggestions and general beauty tips and trends,

I really only included this because I like the Miffy stuff.

It also has a smallish amount of coverage on character goods from San-X. I am quite fond of the Chairoikoguma (brown bear cub) line, especially when he has pointy little teeth like on the bottom right below!

The Sumikko camping/otter themed merchandise on the left; Rilakkuma brown bear cub themed merchandise on the right.

But of course I bought this mostly for the furoku, since I had watched fromegg open it on YouTube and had to have it. It comes in a nice big box!

The box is about the same size as the overall magazine.

While they are shaping up quickly and stretching out now that they’re holding way too much overpriced makeup and such, when these things came out of their box, they were seriously wrinkled. After taking the world’s worst picture….

This is after five minutes of trying to push and pull them into shape. ぜんぜんダメでしたorz

….Finally I figured out it’s just easier to show you the pages in the magazine that features them.

Something I didn’t know before is that furoku sometimes varies depending on where you buy some magazines. This month at Steady the Sumikko Gurashi set was the “regular” one, and if you bought at 7-11, you could get the Rilakkuma bag shown below instead.

Taking way better pictures than I ever could.

In the end—and due to the fact I couldn’t possibly choose one side over another as the cutest—I ended up trying to lay them flat and taking a picture of each side.

These things are big. They’re pretty standard size for those little groups of boxes you buy for office supplies or beauty products. I’d say the biggest is close to six inches, the middle one around 4.5 inches and the smallest one around 3.5 inches . They’re also extremely sturdy. I would have bought them for $20 in a store, as they’re both cute and handy, but instead for a cover price around ten dollars I get a marginally interesting magazine plus them, and that’s honestly just great.

The furoku for next month might even be better than this one, though, as the regular edition comes with the tote bag you see on the right below, and the 7-11 edition nets you both a Sumikko Gurashi eco bag and a Tonkatsu and Ebifurai no Shippo pouch!

I’m going to guess I’ll be tracking down at least the little Tonkatsu pouch…

Lest you think this is the only magazine with great freebies, the last couple of pages advertise issues of other publications by the same publisher, also with mind blowing furoku. On the left below, you’ll see an ad for the June issue of Otona Muse, with its cover price of about twelve dollars and a Mickey Mouse watch and belt for furoku. On the right, Spring magazine shows off its May issue and bag furoku, pretty much a steal for less than ten bucks. It also has a 7-11 alternate edition that comes with the cat pouches pictured. How amazing is all of that?

It’s mindblowing, is what it is.

Below here on the left, there’s the June issue of &Rosy with its ten piece cosmetic set furoku and a Tsutaya exclusive version with furoku of a refining cleanser from John Masters Organics. Then on the right, we have the June issue of Liniere (my undergraduate French is old and rusty, but the only meaning I could come up with for linière would be…a field of flax? That can’t be correct, right? Though it is beautiful…) and its bag that be worn various ways as furoku. The 7-11 exclusive for this one has a set of cute cat-themed Lisa Larson office supplies. Between the clothing featured and the furoku, I’d have to say I wouldn’t mind buying issues of Liniere at all.

I love how they balance cute and practical furoku.

Finally, starting with the upper left corner below, we have an ad for a really cute stuffed bunny craft kit, and below that there’s info on the June issue of InRed with its makeup set and its 7-11 exclusive with a cute binder case with refills for money and receipts. On the right is information about the June issue of Sweet — the regular furoku is a Jill Stuart trendy bag with logo strap and a JRA derby ribbon: the 7-11 version offers a stainless bottle with a design from Josie’s Runway by Daichi Miura.

The bunny on the top left is a tareme usagi (droopy-eyed rabbit), aww…

Honestly, though it’s been years since I’ve bought any fashion magazine, I ended up extremely pleased with what I got. And looking at the other magazines advertised, it doesn’t seem like a fluke. Fashion magazines like this one are a surprisingly cheap source of useful furoku, including character items.

This realization cannot possibly be good for my finances.

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