Anime Goods: Sarazanmai: Goods Roundup III

In which I’m back with more goods from my two sexy-dance otter cops, and the main characters, a little bit, too. (Spoilers)

As a major deadline approaches at work that crushes my soul, I’m compulsively cleaning out my toys/goods room in between endless work sessions. So let’s take a look at four Sarazanmai goods I thought I’d share today!

You might recall my love of GraffArt from the last set of Sarazanmai goods, and their talents are on full display here in this set of six acrylic keychains. I love the little details all throughout these — the Kappazon boxes, the cucumbers, the miçanga, the ningyouyaki (more of that in a second)… GraffArt is just so good at so much. They are simply amazing at taking what makes a character pretty or cute or cool or whatever and distilling that into as few lines as possible. It’s just so consistently good.

Next up, I’ve got these Tekutoko acrylic stands from Bell House (a brand whose name I can never remember for some reason). Acrylic stands have become a major part of anime goods over time, and I’m rather of two minds about them. On the one hand, I tend to like them for anime characters I don’t quite like enough to shell out a bunch of cash on figures of. On the other hand, they take up a lot of room.

Also, really, they’re cold comfort for the fact that my little otp here has never gotten a proper scale figure release. And there needs to be one. Like, a really nice, proper one. And we all know exactly what it has to depict. I don’t know how much I would pay for it, but my wallet shivers in fear.

There is a strong inverse correlation between how much I like a character and the chance of them getting a decent figure release.

There was a tiny amount of hope in my heart that was quickly shattered when the series was airing that perhaps they would have a Nendoroid for Reo and Mabu. I didn’t really think that was realistic, but then again Himari from Mawaru Penguindrum got one, and a really cute one too, so… But, sadly, no. I actually purchased Nendoroid blank bodies if I ever get brave enough to try and customize them, and I think these stands would make great inspiration!

Maybe it’s something about this series with all its symbols and double meanings and wordplay, but the merchandise always seems to be extra well-selected, and this really comes through in my next item, which is both one of my favorite character goods ever and bewildering in the choice they went with for materials – the Kawauso Ningyouyaki Keyholder from Algernon.

So from the time there was a preorder on these, I was sort of intrigued, because this is a set of two key holders, and the price of about seventeen dollars seemed weirdly excessive. I mean, one is a super standard, though very cute, chibi design (there are six in total: the main three, Reo and Mabu each separately, and this one with them together), and the other is an otter ningyouyaki that I assumed was made of that “squishy” material used in so many lower-cost toys.

But when it arrived, it was much bigger than I’d thought. The ningyouyaki is almost three inches tall! And it is rock hard. It’s so heavy it just feels almost odd. It’s too bad I am displaying it instead of carrying it around in my purse, because if I ever needed to defend myself when I’m out somewhere, this would be the very first thing I’d reach for. However, it looks absolutely great displayed still in its package. It’s honestly one of my favorite pieces – I’ll just never really understand the materials choice.

When this next item was announced, there was only a prototype image, so I didn’t know exactly what the final product or the packaging would look like when it arrived, and I ended up so pleased! This is the Movic Puppela Reomabu set. Aren’t they just darling?

Reo’s teeth are really his charm point. When he dumps all the ningyouyaki in his shark mouth he is just. So. Awesomely. Pointy.

Because I hadn’t seen the packaging, this was another nice surprise — I mean, they did a great job with it, and that cool color palette and the overall slightly retro poppy design look just hits me right in my current 1980s throwback reverie. And it’s also the same as this nifty flat pouch I had picked up in a previous order and really liked!

I think of this as a “Tuxedo Sam color scheme.”

At about 7 inches high and a whopping ten inches wide, this was also way bigger than I’d thought, though not as weaponizable as the keychain up there. It’s super roomy — great for makeup.

And that’s it for today’s roundup! Wish me luck for another day of unreasonable deadlines and more, as always, is on the way.

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