Anime Goods: Hypnosis Mic: Suwarasetai Figures Vols I and III

In which the frenzy that will continue with the Nendoroid releases begins with these figures.

Oh, Hypnosis Mic. You’re loud and dumb and amazing — not unlike myself, who somehow didn’t know about these figures until the third volume was released. The name basically means “sitting” and, er, that’s what they’re doing. But extremely stylishly, just like you’d expect.

Bandai has these figures for other series like Touken Ranbu, and they run about 1.75 inches high. Despite a couple of minor quality issues, I love these figures — love, love, love them! They remind me a lot of some of the Kotobukiya One Coin figures like this one for Danganronpa. Let’s look at these handsome boys, shall we?

First up we have the Vol I release, which includes Matenro and Mad Trigger Crew. So first up let’s take a look at my boys from Shinjuku, Matenrou:

I try to be more Jakurai, but lately I’m mostly Doppo.

These figures are awfully nice overall. They’re just two pieces, the sitting figure and the stand, which you largely attach, well — just see below. The stands don’t attach in a particularly snug manner, so you’ll want to pick them up by the stand instead of the figure, but they’re more than adequate to hold the figure securely.

This is both the best and the worst picture I have ever taken.

I wondered why these didn’t seem to photograph well (even by my admittedly-low standards), and I didn’t figure it out until I had them right under my lamp — the paint on their eyes catches the light a little extra compared to elsewhere on the figure, and this complicates things. You can see this especially with Samatoki’s figure below as we move on to Yokohama’s Mad Trigger Crew:

You can kind of see the eye thing, but I did so at the expense of making them all look kind of weird.

Whether I’m washing outtheir faces by trying to show their eyes or making those eyes look weirdly crossed due to the paint effect, I’m just not good at capturing how nice these look, but they really do. The only quality issue I have is that all of them have sort of a scuffed or rubbed part to the stand area. This may just be part of the manufacturing process, but since these stands should be turned a certain way to show the crew name, why not put this on the back?

This one just happened to be placed better. The darker the stand, the more it shows; I’d originally written this without knowing it also affected the orange ones for Dotsuitare Honpo, but it’s there too.

Despite this minor gripe, I’m just very pleased by these figures in general. The designs are just really well done and they do a great job of capturing the characters’ personalities, like the naughty smile on Sasara’s face below. I think the figures of Dotsuitare Honpo from Osaka below might be my favorite of the four sets overall.

Usually the quite manly types like MC Deadbeat Dad Rei Amayado don’t chibify well, so color me extra impressed.

Similarly, no matter what the photo indicates, the cute sculpts and generally high quality carry forward into the other unit included in that set, Nagoya’s Bad Ass Temple:

The figure of Juushi (furthest right) is actually one of my favorites of all of them, but it’s hard to catch his face just so.

I can’t really endorse these enough if you want to get some small HypMic figures that won’t break the bank — I paid about $37.50 per set of two (Matenro and Mad Trigger Crew in one and Dotsuitare Honpo and Bad Ass Temple in the other), which isn’t exactly cheap, but I didn’t realize until unboxing that each set has twelve figures instead of six (in my case, two of each group, though I don’t know the manufacturer’s rate for sure). When you halve the price, my recommendation becomes some sort of mega recommendation. I do love these!

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