The Get List: Toreba: Healin Good PreCure Latte Plush

In which I eat my words, but they’re delicious.

A couple of entries ago, I said that licensed prize plush are often of lower quality than those not based on popular licenses, and I gave examples of Pokemon and Healin Good PreCure. I don’t know why I said the latter, actually, since this is the first plush I’ve ever encountered in person from the series. Maybe I was thinking of some older Futari wa Pretty Cure merchandise or something. But this plush is of especially nice quality, so I’m delighted to eat my words.

This Healin Good Precure Super Huge Latte Plushy was not only a free ticket win, it was a stuck-on-claw win to boot!

Really didn’t expect that to happen.

Latte measures about a foot tall and is quite well stuffed, especially her ears, which hang just perfectly with a little swing. There’s nothing exceptional about her accessories, but the design is cute, and she is. Just. So. Soft!

I do kind of hate when the Crunchyroll subs call her “Rate,” though. I’m sure there’s some licensing reason for not using Latte or something, but bleah.
Puppy fairy butts are among the best butts.

I was honestly so excited about my haul of dinosaurs and such in this last Toreba shipment that I forgot she was coming along. But what a nice surprise! If there’s display plush and hugging plush, this cute little puppy fairy is all-night-snuggling-and-snoozing plush for sure. And since I accidentally covered her tail in the pic above, I thought I’d include it here.

And what a cute little tail it is!

It took me a bit to get into Healin Good PreCure, but after a while it’s settled into a real favorite of mine among the series. If you’ve been putting off trying it, I’d recommend it. And if you’re looking for some soft, sweet merchandise, I don’t think you could do much better than Latte.

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