The Get List: Toreba: Sumikko Gurashi Mug Cup w/ Lid

In which I get and review the very first Toreba prize I ever won — which, weirdly enough, showed up not that long ago.

Toreba is — well, it’s Toreba. I’m not excessively ashamed to admit that earlier this year I played it way too much and spent way too much on it, and yet I’m fully aware that’s on me, not a flaw with the program.

Like so many others, I seemed to have a run of luck at first that encouraged overspending, but then a combination of realizing the futile-by-definition nature of gambling and having way too much other stuff I want to spend money on has cooled it down. Nonetheless, having this sweet free ticket win happen early on definitely fueled my Toreba passion:

It’s basically never this easy.

I may have a tiny amount of skill with getting plush out of crane games, but I have a way worse track record with anything in a box, and honestly this was just luck. Regardless, I remember being really happy about it. And when it did turn up (if there’s any upside to COVID and postal horrors, it might involve getting these surprise Toreba shipments months later) it turned out to be nice and big, and pretty cutely packaged:

I didn’t really expect a whole lot, but honestly I’m quite fond of this mug cup. It’s about 5 inches high, pretty typical size, and does a great job of keeping drinks at temperature. This is a big deal for me, since I am basically addicted to iced coffee drinks and only like them at a temperature range that can be described as arctic, to the point where I will actually have two of them and stash the other one in the refrigerator for when the first gets too warm for my liking.

Yeah, I’ve got issues.

Everything appears reasonably sturdy, and it’s gone through the dishwasher a few times already, so I feel pretty good about it. It’s not exactly flashy, but it definitely does its job. The lid appears below. I don’t know if I would test it especially hard, like putting it in a bag where it could end up upside down, but the main reason I seem to use lids this summer is to make sure some stray bug or something doesn’t fall in to my drink, so this is just fine for my purposes.

All in all, for a prize I had almost forgotten about, this was a pretty sweet thing to show up on my doorstep out of nowhere. It’s fun to spend time with everyone in the corner, and even more fun to do so with a lovely drink!

Bottoms up. ^ – ^

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