The Get List: Toreba: Pokemon Coco Shiny Celebi Plush

In which we spot a shiny, and it’s adorable.

I’m still not done with my incredible lucky winning streak with Pokemon Coco plush. You might recall the Pikachu with his cute little Wailmer bag I raved over a couple of entries back — well, today I’ve got the other plush from that little collection. It’s a shiny Celebi, and it’s a really nice plush.

Ah, first, as is tradition, here’s the win (I think I spent a total of $10, which is pretty good, especially since this was during a time Toreba was a little more stingy with the free tickets than right now. By the way, have you seen all the new campaigns they announced?). Here Celebi tumbles amiably over the front of the bars, whereas I’m pretty sure Toreba intended for me to have to poke the plush down in between them.

And here’s what arrived about three weeks later, keeping up the record of really fast Toreba deliveries:

This shiny Celebi is nice and big! I’ve taken the last several months’ worth of pictures using this empty dollhouse I’ve got mounted to my wall, and as you can see I had to rather stuff poor Celebi in there to get them to fit. Just like Pikachu before them, Celebi is somewhere between ten and eleven inches tall. But somehow between the antennae and the wings and whatnot everything just seems bigger.

The plush is just plain soft, too. Somehow handling Celebi is a little different than the Pikachu from the same line — maybe just because of differences in their builds. Pikachu is so plump and sturdy, you know, whereas Celebi comes off as sort of ropey and gangly in a very Grass-type way. Really, it’s a delightful plush.

I remember being really stoked for the fourth Pokemon movie, which featured Celebi — but not a shiny Celebi, so I’m looking forward to seeing one nearly twenty movies later. And here’s where I’d normally prattle on about the difference in names used for this Pokemon between Japanese and English, but this is another of those where the name’s basically the same in both. At any rate, I’m glad my first plush Celebi is this shiny beauty — and I’m still not done with wins from this latest Pokemon movie, so check back soon!

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