The Get List: Tokyo Catch: Gudetama Music Plush

In which I tie emotional trends to character good trends and talk a lot about my weird, picky eating habits, and there’s Gudetama in there somewhere too.

Gudetama isn’t one of my favorite Sanrio characters, but that isn’t his fault at all. I get him a great deal — honestly, I feel Gudetama is very “of our time,” just as Sumikko Gurashi is. While I still love the glossy, life-is-perfect pink sheen of the Sanrio of my youth, it rings a little more hollow as times are hard. The Sumikko struggle with identity and self acceptance, Aggretsuko chafes at her workplace, and Gudetama is weighed down by what may be laziness but often looks like depression. I get all that stuff quite a lot.

I just think eggs are kind of gross. (^-^;

I like foods made with eggs, and I actually think they’re sort of the perfect food, but they are one of those foods I just can’t think much about. If I’m baking a cake or making breakfast, I just don’t look at them a lot. And Gudetama is weirdly good at looking like a real world egg — too good, I say.

This plush, ぐでたまみゅーじっくBIGぬいぐるみ (Gudetama Myuujikku BIG Nuigurumi, Gudetama Music BIG Plush), is definitely cute, and was bigger than I’d anticipated (about 15 inches long). I was less fond of his texture — he feels the cheapest of the lot I got from Japan Catch, just due to his surface feel. He’s well stuffed and sewed and sturdy, but he feels more like something you’d put on a shelf rather than snuggle with at night.

I could have done a better job showing the text — it says 「ら〜リ〜らりるら〜♪」(ra~ ri~ rarirura~ basically singing noises like “la la la”).

All of this is to say that I ended up making this plush a feel-better-soon present for a friend. But I’m pretty sure she, who loves both eggs and Gudetama, liked it a lot, so that’s another win as far as I’m concerned.

Wrapping up, as has apparently become a tradition around these parts, with a butt shot.

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