The Get List: Tokyo Catch: Sumikko Gurashi 80s Sailor Stadium Jacket Plush (3/5)

In which, for once in my life, I seem to have more pictures than words — and I couldn’t be more pleased with these wins!

It’s ironic that these were such relatively easy wins, because they are among the most darling plush I’ve seen in a while. They are perfect! Each one measures about 6 inches — a bit more, actually — and feels soft. They’re well made and on the squishy side as opposed to the more stuffed side. I won Tonkatsu, Neko, and Penguin?, but the series includes Tokage and Shirokuma as well.

Neko hopes the thing about
the camera adding ten pounds can’t possibly be true.

As with all good character plush, these look and feel like you’d expect the characters to, and there are little details that make them especially cute — like the scrubby-but-still-soft texture of Tonkatsu’s, you know, breading, and Penguin?’s feet, which are just especially sweet to me for some reason.

They look like a little doo-wop group!

I guess if I somehow stretch my mind to find any shortcoming at all, I might point out that, especially when seen from the back, the center of the jacket isn’t quite lined up all the time with the center of the overall plush. But honestly the main thing this caused was Neko kind of tilting away from the camera in some shots, and we can blame that on Neko’s shy ways. These are very nice plush, and they’ll have a good place of honor on my dresser!

Three down, two to go…

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