The Get List: Tokyo Catch: Cinnamoroll Konekoneko Plush

In which I’m reminded just how snuggly this little pup can be, especially as a cat.

My enthusiasm for Tokyo Catch has probably peaked (I may write more on why soon), but I still have a few prizes to go over! Today we’ll talk about the Cinnamoroll Konekoneko Big Plush.

Cinnamon is one of my favorite Sanrio characters, even if I did think he was a bunny for several months. And this plush does him great justice!

With plush it’s often difficult to describe their quality other than softness or pile or tightness of seams, but there’s a real comment to be made here about just how cutely Cinnamon is stuffed. This shows most in the way the stuffing in his ears makes them extra floppy—which is so in character for him, isn’t it? It also shows through in how easy it is to position the plush sort of upward on his butt in case you don’t want to display him totally flat—this works due to extra stuffing in the rear part.

Kind of looks like he wants a cookie…

And the sweet details continue on his underside — in fact, one of the reasons I tried for this plush was because of how cute the detail on the paws is.

Toe beans!

So yes, this 10-inch plush is soft and adorable and somehow just feels so right for the character. And as with all Tokyo Catch shipments, this arrived safely and in perfect shape—and incredibly fast.

Konekoneko BIG Nuigurumi ~Cinnamon~

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