Anime Goods: Re:Zero: Rem & Ram FuRyu SSS Fairy Tale Series Prize Figures x4

In which even I in my bubble know who’s Best Girl(s), and these figures do a great job of showing why.

I don’t win figures in crane games, like, ever. I think I’ve won something in a box less than five times, and every single time was a fluke to varying degrees. Everything I know about crane games is related to poking and prodding at plush — and plus, since I spend a lot of time looking at figure sites and auctions and similar things, I know an important truth of crane game figures:

They’re great, and, especially used, they can be quite cheap.

Now note that I said they can be cheap. I’m talking about pretty popular characters from recent series, and you have to be willing to look around for auctions and sales and used offerings, and getting a box/packaging that’s in perfect shape is usually out of the question. But between Mandarake and AmiAmi used products and Mercari, I find you can get them for between 5 and 20 dollars. I didn’t pay more than $15 for any of these. And as you’ll see, they are well worth the price.

I also don’t watch many isekai series in general — while there are pretty much endless possibilities in the “modern person is transported to another world” genre in theory, in practice many of them are a slog at best. They’re weirdly perverted to a degree even I can’t stand or just one cliche after another or they have no reason to even have an isekai gimmick or eeuuughh. There are significant wonderful exceptions, though, and Re:Zero is among the very best of them, with a great central gimmick, a genuine emotional core, and characters you can’t help but love. And that’s why I’m here buying figures of the twin maids, Rem and Ram.

The first figure I’ll discuss is the FuRyu Re:Zero SSS Figure: Fairy Tale Series: The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats: Rem. It, like all the figures I’ll talk about in this entry, measures about 8 inches tall.

It’s based on a Grimm fairy tale that combines the attempted hungry- wolf-home-invasion premise of the Three Little Pigs with the family-member-from-the-maternal-side-wolf-impersonation theme from Little Red Riding Hood. Rem manages to be fanservicey in the cutest way possible here in her sweater and thigh high stockings, complete with goat ears and tail.

Next up is Ram from the same series of figures, playing the wolf. Her tails, paws and feet are almost shockingly huge! But just like her sister Rem, Ram looks incredible. From her typically-pleased-with-herself expression to the cute way she’s holding her arms to the Senko-rivaling puffiness of her tail, there’s nary a complaint I could make.

The best figures (goods in general, actually, now that I think about it) are those that manage to not only look cute but also capture the character in an exceptional way, and I think that’s very much the case here. Ram is more boisterous and playful, in her sly way, and Rem is pretty much the epitome of the type of character you want to protect. A wolf and a little goat seem pretty on point.

Ram says raaaawr!

The next two figures are from the series FuRyu Re:Zero SSS Figure: Fairy Tale Series: Candy House. I thought the overall design and quality on these were slightly worse than the others, but I just love candy themes and I got Ram for five dollars, so I couldn’t resist adding them to my order.

Rem’s Gretel-themed dress is sweet, especially the candy details on her hat. I really like the way her skirt swirls around her, and her face is lovely, even if the hair in front of it has a few paint issues.

Ram, meanwhile, plays Hansel in cute little knickers. With her hand shielding her face and the lollipop held up, I found it pretty hard to show both her face and her body without one of the two being in shadow—hence the first picture. I wanted to prove she actually has another eye under her bangs! (And you can also notice some small paint roughness on her hair like we saw with her twin.)

I assure you it’s one of the more awkward photo sessions I’ve done, but I was so impressed by the fact that the Rem figures in particular were detailed enough to include the kind of panties she wears that I had to show the little bloomers included with her Candy House dress and the attention given to as small a detail as the white panties with her goat outfit.

I’m well aware that I’m not the target audience for prize figures of sexy girls, but with characters like Ram and Rem it’s nice to have that feeling of a little keepsake, and as awfully lovable as these characters are, I’m glad to donate the rather substantial shelf space to them (those bases are wide).

And if you’re worried about the quality of a game prize exclusive, here’s what I’d say—if i can say it in a way that actually makes sense (I’ll try my best). If we say that there are very generally three categories of figures: “bad” figures like cheap American toys, “okay” figures like these prize figures, and “good” figures like high quality Japanese character figures costing a couple of hundred dollars, the distance between “bad” and “okay” is way, way, way bigger than the distance between “okay” and “good.” Prize figures allow a much broader, more creative collection — just don’t pay too much trying to win them before you check out the resale prices!

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