The Get List: Tokyo Catch: Sumikko Gurashi Tokage Plush Double Feature

In which I ask you to ignore the weird sound of our air conditioning as Tokage skitters cutely across the screen.

I’ve still got some stragglers left over from my last Tokyo Catch haul, and since both of these are of Tokage I thought I may as well combine them. I like Tokage a lot, his color palette especially and his cute little mouth, and the fact that he’s arguably one of the mentally healthier Sumikko (poor little guy just misses his mom…sniff). So let’s check these plush out!

I also love his relationship with Tokage (honmono).

This first plush is the リボンマリンぬいぐるみ (ribon marin nuigurumi, “ribbon marine plushy”). Tokage stands about seven inches tall and comes in a color palette I really like — the pink of his sailor shirt(? I guess it’s really just a collar) is a perfect complement to his light blue coloration. The Tokage plush itself — the body — is very nice in terms of softness and seams and overall quality. His hat is well constructed too.

His little shirt is kind of on the janky side — it’s definitely of a degree of quality significantly less than the rest. I actually find it pretty endearing, the way it’s sticking out on one side a little and too tight on the other side and sort of asymmetrical in the back. Tokage does like his fish, after all. As with the other Sumikko Gurashi goods I’ve gotten from this maker, I can’t resist him.

The other definitely-a-lizard-and-not-at-all-related-to-any-dinosaurs-or-cryptids plush I’ve got today is something I didn’t quite know what it was when I won it — but I would have if I had seen its Japanese name: ぬいぐるみプルバック nuigurumi pull back. And that’s exactly what this little guy does — pull him back and he’ll zoom across the floor.

You know you need an ambulatory Tokage in your life.

The actual pullback mechanism is pretty basic and cheap, but this makes up for it with a soft and cute plush. And even though I imagine Tokage walking upright and not skittering tummy down, he’s still really dear. Even if he does sound a little odd…

Tokage goes zoooom! And fweeeeeee!

I actually was more charmed by this plush after hearing it sort of wheeze across the table because it sounds a little bit like Tokage is giggling (if you remember this old viral video where a baby is cracking up at someone ripping paper, it kind of sounds like that, right?).For what’s obviously supposed to be a low-cost prize, this thing is full of charm. Well, not for my dog, who’s convinced it’s evil. But he eats trash, so I think we know who has the better taste in character goods.

Tokage is about four and a half inches…long? I’m not good at measuring. But he fits pretty well in the palm of my hand. In researching things a bit for this post, I found both of these tend to sell for around $10. For that price, especially, if you’re a Togake fan, I think you’ll find it’s money well spent for either of these.

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