Sumikko Gurashi: Ebi Furai no Shippo + Tonkatsu Okigae Agekko Plush

In which we have an unboxing and a half.

I’ve been spoiled (and my money devastated) by the recent Sumikko Gurashi designs! Lately they’ve gotten me with lots of Tokage with dreamy colors and then the Age Age Agekko lineup starring the fried characters that are my very favorites. (I thought I might get off easy with the current Tapioca park one, but come on the mascot is full of tiny tapioca nooo.)

While I thought I could get away with just buying the Tonkatsu version of these Okigae (clothes changing) plush, I was wrong. I had to get Ebi Furai no Shippo from Yahoo! Japan auctions (luckily really close to retail) due to my hesitation, but it was worth it all the way. So while I unboxed her I took the opportunity to take a few quick photos of both of our favorite fried friends. Think of it as an unboxing and a half, maybe?

Right out of the box Ebi Furai no Shippo is absolutely darling. The boa plush used on both of these really conveys the whole fried look, and I was delighted to see the little lemons on her cheerleader dress.

Everyone needs a personal cheerleader like this little one. And a lemon with fried foods!

Tonkatsu instead comes as the world’s most awesome hamburger.

He is such a HAMBURGER MAN. (*´∇`*)

Each of these is about four inches tall, and they’re among my favorite plush. They just feel and look and are stuffed just right.

If I would have looked more carefully at the info, I would never have gone without purchasing Ebi Furai no Shippo for even a minute. They’ve even got matching outfits!

They definitely have each other’s backs.

With cute little Agekko on the backs of their shirts, they remind me of a couple of other items I really love.

They’re like those couples who go on vacation in matching outfits.

Whether you see them as friends, sweethearts, adoptive parent and child, or whatever, there’s just nothing sweeter than these two.

Finally they’ve got signs and sashes for their anti-food-waste party. I love how each features the other’s face on their sign.

“No more leaving food behind!”

It’s hard to decide with these multiple-outfit plush, but this is how I ended up displaying them for now.

Each one retails for about $25, give or take, and at that price I cannot imagine why you would turn these down if these two are among your favorites.

So yeah! A definite recommend, and another buy I was really pleased with. Pretty much par for the course for my beloved Sumikko!

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