Anime Goods: Nendoroid Momoko Asuka

In which I complete my group of five amazing Ojamajo, and there’s some bitter, but wow, they’re sweet.

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d gotten the fifth and last Nendoroid in the Ojamajo Doremi collection, and then someone asked if I’d give my opinion. So I thought I’d get this sweet girl out and show her off a bit.

I was pretty solidly committed to getting all five already, just because I can literally be guilted into buying things by subtly feeling a character might get lonely without the rest of her friends, say, or the remainder of their trigger crew, but what pushed me over the edge for sure was the inclusion of Majo Monroe!

They’re so happy together!

I haven’t seen the whole third season of Doremi (in fact, these figures have inspired me to rewatch season two and all of three), but I do know that Majo Monroe was really sweet.

I have an especial fondness for the Witch Frogs in this series, so I was extra happy that Majo Rika finally has a friend to hang out with (though, with her shell shocked expression, it might take her some time…)

You know how in the 1980s there would be a sitcom where the main character started getting too old or whatnot and they’d bring in the new, cute kid, who was usually a lot like the protagonist, but more so? That’s kind of how I see Momoko in relation to Doremi, but in a good way.

I love the way her personality comes through, but really I was happy that this was the last Nendoroid in the set. Nendoroid figures aren’t always all that easy to get all parts to go together nicely, and honestly I was just baffled about how they designed the stand part that goes on the back here to hit the girls just at their waist, so that I can get them balanced on their brooms, but it’s extremely stressful, and I’m probably going to curse a lot. Momoko was actually significantly easier to get posed than poor Hadzuki and especially Onpu, though, for the record.

She’s just so cute!

As Majo Rika can attest, the Ojamajo can drive you to drink like that, but nonetheless I’m glad to have Momoko join the group!

Oddly enough, the English dub replaced Majo Rika drinking alcohol with her guzzling a “sleeping potion,” so, uh, that’s better. I guess?

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