Japanese Snacks: Lotte Drink Mix Candy

In which I wanted CC Lemon in drink form, but I’ll gladly take it in drop form if that’s all that’s on offer.

I decided a while back during the beginning of the mask requirements and quarantine that it was sort of the end for me with going out for a weekly grocery trip. My city is okay about masks, but not great, and I like having heavy stuff sent anyway. When I want fresh food like produce, I go to the only places in town everyone actually seems to know and care what they’re doing with a mask — local East Asian groceries. No mask tension so far, and of course lots of good food.

Let’s have a taste test!

The last time I went out shopping with my fella Mr. B, it was extremely hot and humid and we were both hoping they’d have CC Lemon in stock, but I get the feeling I’m not the only local sticking to E Asian markets (not to mention the freight issues all over the USA at the moment). Stock on some things has been rather low, and sadly they were all out. We got other drinks, but just when we were leaving I saw the next best thing — or at least we hoped so — Lotte Drink Mix.

Of course, the first one we sampled was the CC Lemon flavor, the only drink we were both sure we had tried before. Like I said above, we’re both fans of its effervescent lemony sweetness, and as for the candy?

  • My thoughts: It tastes just like CC Lemon. It’s very good, though there are lots of lemon candies I like about as much as this, but no lemon soda I like more than CC Lemon.
  • Mr B’s thoughts: It tastes like a mild lemon drop. Then there’s a fizzy taste that’s kind of weird, then good.

The next drink is Aserora, which neither of us had tried before — which is a pity, because I especially quite liked it. I hadn’t even heard before of an acerola cherry, though apparently they’re very high in Vitamin C.

  • My thoughts: Super, incredibly delicious — why did I not try this before?! If this is what the drink tastes like, I will definitely buy some. Like great cherry candy with a real fruit taste.
  • Mr B’s thoughts: It’s very pleasant and fruity, without the weird fizz from before.

The third one is another neither of us had tried — Natchan is a line of fruit juice, and this represents the orange kind.

Since I’ve spent the last week doing pretty much nothing else in my spare time besides sorting Re-ment, I remembered there was a pretty obvious reference to Natchan in the 2015 Re-ment set 思い出の高校生活 (Omoide no Koukou Seikatsu, “Memories of High School Life”). And just as I went to take a picture of it, this aspiring model asked if he could pose.

Well, he does look quite dapper.

It says “Mikan-san” instead of Natchan, but we’re on to them.

  • My thoughts: Huh! I mean, it does taste a lot like an orange. Or actually a tangerine.
  • Mr B’s thoughts: Agreed, but there are lots of candies here with a similar taste…

Next was another one neither of us had tried: Hachimitsu Lemon.

  • My thoughts: It’s exactly what the name says — honey and lemon. It seems like it would be nice when you have a sore throat.
  • Mr B’s thoughts: It also manages to be refreshing. It’s slightly astringent. It makes me think a bit of melon flavor.

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the last one — I’ve tried Dekavita C, more than once, and I’ve never been a fan. However, when I looked it up for this entry, I couldn’t help but be impressed that it contains 8 kinds of vitamins.

  • My thoughts: I don’t like the drink, and I don’t like this. But the drink has health benefits I doubt this does.
  • Mr B’s thoughts: Same weird fizziness as the first one. It tastes a little like Red Bull.

So while it’s a pleasant collection of candy, what’s good isn’t that different than good American candy and the more unique flavor of Dekavita C is….not a good kind of unique, for me at least. These candies remind me of some flavors I miss, but I can’t say they quite quenched my thirst enough for me to count this as a recommendation. If only there were something to end this entry on a cute note–hm? Who’s that?

It’s Tokage–no, wait, it’s Tokage (Honmono)!

Our actually-a-lizard friend has a good point — Dekavita C is definitely the basis for the energy drink included in the 2006 Re-ment set ぷちドラグ (Petite Drugstore). Leave it to the Sumikko and their friends to end things on a good note!

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