Magazine: Oekaki Parfait Stamp Pen Ippai Mook

In which my shameless weakness to Sumikko cuteness is at perhaps an all-time high.

Today on the blog let’s talk about a mook called Oekaki Parfait — Specifically, the Lots of Stamp Pens edition. It’s a very nice little magazine similar to some others we’ve discussed. And if you’re looking for furoku, you will be well pleased. We start off with stickers of many of the characters featured in the issue:

Sorry I skipped your feature, Hoppe-chan — I’ll feature you next time you show up.

And of course there is a lot of Sumikko Gurashi, including coloring pages and games with the Otter Camping theme:

As well as some foldable projects:

Here they are featured on some cut-out mini letter sheets, along with Animal Crossing! The game series has a lot of stuff here, including guides for drawing the characters and customizing in-game looks and foldable paper activities.

One day I will get a Switch. One day.
Cute coloring pages, too.

There’s a decent amount of Kirby too, including manga and coloring pages:

And some Koupen-chan, cute as ever:

As well as other characters like Tamagotchi and Gesshi~su (the last one has a Switch game, but I am not familiar with the characters), and Pokémon (I love you, Messon!):

Of course Rilakkuma and friends show up, with Korilakkuma extra cute munching away on a strawberry:

With Kuromi, Piano and My Melody looking very reasonable:

And Purin is here too, cute as life, but — what’s this?

It’s a fold-out booklet for a game that came out last month. Seven pages of an ad for a toy!

As I was opening up and taking pictures of the magazine, I thought this extended ad was so silly I had to go show my boyfriend. I laughed my way through how minute the detail was for every single feature of the game and how sort of cutely blatant the advertising was, and then I stopped laughing, and…

Of course I went and ordered the game. Advertising is a powerful thing, especially when I’m already so weak to Sumikko charms. _(:3 」∠)_

So let’s take a look at furoku! As the title lets you know right away, the stamp pens are a big feature of this mook. My feelings on them are literally mixed. As markers, they’re actuality quite nice – as you can see from the picture below, they flow well and the colors are bright. But as stamps, they’re less impressive. While they’re not as runny as some we’ve talked about, they are a bit runny, and I wouldn’t necessarily have realized the green stamp is Shirokuma without being told.

On the other hand, I’ve got nothing but raves for the pop-up card furoku with Sumikko Gurashi in the camping and strawberry fair themes:

With a price tag of about $8.50, whether or not this is a good buy for you is probably pretty much just a function of how fond you are of these characters, but as you know, I’m pretty fond. As I turn the last page, I just wonder if there’s any certain toy I should be buying to show my Sumikko appreciation….


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