Magazine: Tanoshii Youchien September 2020

In which there is a lot that’s great about this magazine, but best of all, as always, is the furoku.

Once again, the furoku is front and center.

Today let’s talk about Tanoshii Youchien, a magazine for 4-6 year olds and another CD Japan wonderful buy, As we’ve seen frequently with this type of magazine, immediately upon opening it we’ve got stickers. These go in certain specific areas of the magazine, for the most part. To the right, you can see the little booklet for the furoku:

Honestly, there are more instructions here than for complete craft projects in similar magazines.

The front part of the 100-page magazine is character-focused, including the usual favorites Healin Good PreCure:

And Licca-chan:

And — naturally — Sumikko Gurashi, featuring my little fried cuties Ebi Furai no Shippo and Aji Furai no Shippo:

You can brush your teeth with Pokémon:

Make some very fancy treats with Hello Kitty:

And blanch at the amount of money I am probably going to spend on Sylvanian Families play sets if I keep buying these magazines:

Oh, hey! I’d been wondering who this blue chair character is when I’ve seen him on Toreba, and even what I looked up wasn’t all that helpful, because the name of this children’s show is みいつけた!(Miitsuketa, Foound it!) — a pretty common phrase, But now I know, that’s Kosshii!

Many of the magazines I’ve discussed on here are sort of an either-or proposition. They were either full of cute characters or more educational. At its about-ten-dollar price point, Tanoshii Youchien delivers on both. There are stories, nature quizzes, recipes and a variety of educational games. And, as below, English and hiragana lessons:

And even some kanji lessons, which seem very confusing to me, but I know kanji are learned differently by native speaker children as compared to foreign learner adults.

But let’s talk furoku — well, first I have to blather a bit about the next issue’s furoku, because check it out:

I would have died as a kid to get this.

Look at how big the Jewelry Dresser from next issue is! (See the lower right above, with adorable child for scale.) Everything on the upper left (six bracelets, two charms and two rings, plus the dresser itself) is included. I know logically that this is not the greatest treasure of all time, but my heart disagrees…anyway, this month’s furoku is pretty awesome in its own right:

This is…well, I thought it was going to be a memory game, but really you’re just pressing buttons after they sound, and once you’ve put the batteries in the only choices you have are Easy or Hard mode (the two buttons above the Tapioca), which determine how fast it goes. But aren’t the lights and sound cute?

I didn’t play the game here — just turning it on is enough of a reminder of how badly I miss getting manicures.

The price is higher than some we’ve reviewed here, but the furoku and page count are higher. Overall, this is a recommended buy from me, especially for kids.

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