Anime Goods: Re:Zero: FuRyu SSS Milky Way Rem

In which another figure in this series simply thrills me.

When I wrote about some SSS Rem and Ram figures a while back, I was all smiles, and it continues as I pick up my favorite of those I’ve seen so far — the FuRyu SSS Milky Way Rem!

Such a cute box design, too.

I’m about as weak to space-themed goods as I am to majokko goods, so I liked this one from the very start. Just as the box really shines showing Rem from a variety of different angles, a huge strength of this figure is that it looks great all around.

Do a twirl, Rem!

I got her for about ten dollars used on amiami, and while she’s officially “used,” the figure was actually new in package, with the box only having slight corner damage. I just can’t turn these SSS figures down at these prices…

I’m not a thousand percent sure what’s in her hand. A fortune slip?

I’m just delighted with her little hat, too. And her barrettes. In the close-up below, you can see the type of little paint flaws you expect in a prize figure (on the part of her bangs between her eyes and the detail work on the pink barrette), and honestly I just don’t care — it doesn’t detract from her cuteness at all.

Her face sculpt is so very sweet. 🙂

And as with so many similar figures, I feel like this does a good job of capturing Rem’s personality through her pose, expression, and clothing choices. Rem looks genuinely pretty and, I suppose, pretty sexy if you’re into that sort of thing (I prefer to think of her as a tiny marshmallow cuddle bug, but I respect all views), without anything being exploitative or sleazy. I just adore the bloomers, too. And while the stands are the least impressive part of most prize figures, I do think the addition of the star is very nice.

Like the whole figure, the star also looks good from all angles.

The figure is full of delightful details and choices for the outfit; I took the below picture mostly because I like the gathering and belt at her waist.

If my entire entry of pro-Milky-Way-Rem propaganda makes you want one of these beauties, the price I got isn’t atypical at all. Amiami didn’t have one when I did a quick look just now, but I found her by checking back here and there over a week or two. I’ve got nothing more to say other than I love this one — Rem here is just a bug bright ray of starshine!

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