Anime Goods: A Double Dose (But Not Triple) of Doremi, and Why I Hate DHL More Than Usual

In which you come for the cute of Doremi and stay for the horror of DHL.

What I was hoping to be able to talk about to start was the collection of these tiny, adorable bottles of konpeitou featuring the 20th anniversary collaboration between Sanrio and the Doremi franchise. I preordered them and set aside money for them. So why don’t I have them? Because DHL wouldn’t ship them to me. They say it violates their policy on food, which is what it is, but I have shipped hard candy and gum through them for years. Rubbish.

Did I also mention DHL wouldn’t ship the Sumikko Catch game either due to their policy on things containing batteries — yet, while the toy takes batteries, it does not ship with them?

Did I also also mention that when I waived signature confirmation DHL misdelivered a package four house numbers away but since then, as I’ve never again waived it, they have simply dumped my package on our front stoop multiple times, without any signature at all?

DHL, I genuinely hate you, and also every jerk involved in making you my only shipping option.

Sorry for the rant! But I was a little sad about this, and it definitely put a damper on my enjoyment of the one item from this series I did get, this flat pouch; I wanted so many other items but was trying to keep spending down since I wouldn’t ever say those konpeitou jars were a bargain. But this pouch costs — oh my goodness! I just looked it up and literally cursed out loud to see this thing was $16.50!

Yes, in fact this is the best picture I’m willing to take of this.

Even more annoying, the area with the characters is clear, which just makes the whole thing look messy when full of stickers. And the back is completely blank. The more collaborations Sanrio does, the less I like them on average.

There are cuter ways to hold these stickers.

But if our first buy was pure disappointment and our second was cute but not worth the price, at least we’ll go out on a high note, since I also picked up “used” from amiami this adorable little QPosket figure of Doremi for a mere $6.50!

She is just bursting with good cheer and consumer surplus.

Can you believe this is my first of these QPosket figures? They measure around five and a half inches tall, and they’re quite sturdy and nice. I didn’t run into paint or sculpting issues, and there’s great attention to detail, from Doremi’s tap and bracelets to the way her feet are posed.

Pretty Witch Doremicchi!

I will say, though, that I tend to like these QPosket figures much better for chibi versions of characters that are basically adults than I do for those with more childish faces. For example, I like their work on Disney Princesses like Tiana and Jasmine more than I do on Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph, who just doesn’t look the right age. Doremi here is very cute, but I’m glad to have her as a Nendoroid where she has her normal adorable goofy kid face.

She’s my cute little witchy friend regardless.

I suppose you win some and lose some with merchandise, but this is such a dear series to my heart that I can’t hold any real ill will. Except towards DHL, of course. The day I get a working poron, they’re my first target. (^_-)

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