Sumikko Gurashi: Sumikko House w/ Garden Terrace (+ New Tenori Plush)

In which Meat Dad takes his kids and moves into a lovely little family home in the corner of town.

Look at what I got from amiami (for less than $22, pretty much a bargain when I consider this is both adorable and a great way to display some tenori plush) — the Sumikko House with Garden Terrace! Now that I figure Tonkatsu is more or less Ebi Furai no Shippo and Aji Furai no Shippo’s adoptive Meat Dad, it stands to reason he needs a little corner-y house of his own. So they’re moving in.

I still laugh every time I write Meat Dad. ^ – ^

This house is made of simply opulent materials – I’m a sucker for the rose boa. The carpets are downright plush. And this house comes with Tonkatsu in the Agemono (Fried Food) shirt; it’s a standard Sumikko tenori plush, but I can’t resist Tonkatsu, as you may already know.

(Did I already define tenori somewhere? It’s て (te, hand) plus のり(nori, from 乗る noru, to ride on). It gives you a great idea of the dimensions of these palm-sized little delights.)

The top is just the thing for two rambunctious fried kiddos to play:

The sign says ざっそう — Zassou, Weed!

At almost nine inches high, this has plenty of room for everybody…

…Even when am impromptu party occurs and things get a little wild (don’t worry, everyone’s been socially distanced together in the corner).

Ah, this seems like as good a time as any to point out that there are a couple of new tenori plush above, the Pan Tenchou (Bread Shop Manager) and Ebi Furai no Shippo in her Age Age Agekko cheerleader outfit. I couldn’t love them more.

But wait — who are those two non-Sumikko up on the roof?

Kokoroaraiguma and Ashiaraiguma!

This appearance by Kokoroaraiguma, the high-powered washer of dirty and worn-out hearts, and Ashiaraiguma, who at thirty percent power is fit to wash only feet, can mean only one thing — we’ll be discussing these plush (and one more item) next time!

I couldn’t resist including the inside of the tag. It’s got all the details.

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