Sumikko Gurashi: Re-Ment Atsumare! Sumikko Youchien

In which the Sumikko and their friends make an awfully cute kindergarten class.

Today I’ve got for you another exceptionally nice Re-ment set — this is Atsumare! Sumikko Youchien, which I am going to translate as Line up! Sumikko Kindergarten (even though atsumaru is translated more as to gather or assemble, I figure lining up is the closest thing that doesn’t sound weird…or like they’re superheroes).

When you put together the display features on the outer box, you have a cheerful little kindergarten room:

What bookcase? There never was a bookcase, right?

Set One is called Good Morning Teacher! and I have to say from the start Shirokuma just seems like the teacherly type. Right? Besides their friendly face, overall I have to say this one really gives you a lot of pieces with great display/play value.

The things on the lower left are name tags, and you have to love the fact that Penguin? includes the question mark on theirs.

The variety and details — you can put things in the bag, and the name tags are really cute once you’re done struggling to apply microscopic stickers with your inconveniently large hands and general clumsiness. (Well, that might mostly be me.) This makes up for the paint smudge on Shirokuma’s nose, which isn’t nearly as obvious in person but might be easier to see in the picture below.

My feet fit into most Japanese shoes about as well as the tiny Suzume ones on the lower right….

Set Two is called Recital Time. (That’s the best translation I can think of for oyuugi here — I tend to think of it as like a musical performance.) No matter what you call it, this is a top favorite set for me. I love pianos, especially cute and toy pianos, and this combines one with castanets, a triangle and rod, and everyone’s favorite totally-not-a-kappa-just-a-regular-penguin Penguin?. I love every single one of those things!

It took me a second to figure out what the yellow guy on the piano was, but then I figured out it’s a stand for the sheet music that’s on the card for this set. I didn’t bother to cut it out, but I like his little face.

Set Three, Fun Crafts Time, features my little friend Neko here along with a table, chair, scissors, and two cute little origami projects of Zassou and Ebi Furai no Shippo.

Neko looks at the craft table with trepidation equal to that I feel when I see an important Re-ment piece requires me to apply a sticker.

I do wonder why I had to add the tape to Nisetsumuri. They couldn’t have done this with clear plastic? Notice the picture below is extra cruddily taken due to my state of anxiety as I realized I needed to apply tiny, clear stickers to an already pretty small plastic toy.

Oh no. Oh no.

Luckily everything turned out basically okay, and this set is another real delight in all of its details.

There are probably enough fingerprints left on that accursed tape to frame me for a crime, though.

My reaction to Set Four, Can’t Wait for my Bentou, was, unfortunately, a little bit of disappointment. Tonkatsu is always amazing, and everything looks nice and well made and whatnot, but I’d much prefer that Tonkatsu wasn’t designed to hold the fork. This causes two things I don’t really like when you don’t want to display him with it…

He is a little Meat Man with his fork though.

You end up with a weird-looking hole in the figure, but worse is that I can’t close the lid for the silverware case well if you want to put the fork in it. I almost have to be misunderstanding, right? Why isn’t it designed to go in the opposite way, since you apply a sticker to give the case a Sumikko group design?

Seriously, if anyone knows the deal with this, I’d be so grateful if I’m wrong.

There are also other quality issues, bigger and smaller. The worst is the really sloppy job on Tonkatsu’s nose (though Tonkatsu himself might like the increase in his meat-to-fat ratio). But there are also little things that are probably mostly just me being a picky toy nerd, but, enh, I am what I am. The components of the bentou like the Shirokuma rice balls and the little tako wieners are cute, but they would be much nicer with each piece separate instead of a couple stuck together. Things like that.

Set Five, A Great Story is Starting, brings things back around to being great. Although I somehow never thought to put the Neko-themed television on top of the bookshelf until I was writing this, I think that’s the idea. Nonetheless everything included is so nice I’m left with a goofy smile like Tokage (Honmono) in the below picture.

He’s always having a great time.

The picture on the television requires cutting the images from the card, which normally I’d complain about, but it’s the story of Ebi Furai no Shippo going to the store, meeting Aji Furai no Shippo, and finally bringing home a lemon for her depressed dad figure Tonkatsu. It’s certainly worth some cutting.

So in the very last picture, on the bottom right, Tonkatsu says arigaton (arigatou is thank you in Japanese, and he’s Tonkatsu, so arigaton! (=^▽^)σ). I am always so tickled by this!

The Penguin? ends on the bookshelf and the little books (the top book is about Neko meeting up with their siblings — I like when these toys bring in elements of past lineups) just make things even cuter.

The next, Set Six, Let’s Play with our Favorite Toys, is even better, I think. The slide designed as Tokage’s mother is perfect, and I get the feeling it’s going to get a lot of use in display, but the rest of the set really delivers as well.

I figured I should actually show a bit more of the background if I’m going to put it together.

Tokage seems so happy to be reminded of his mom during playtime!

Afterward they can play ring toss and think about happy things.

The name for Set Seven is Let’s Wash our Hands After Playing, which could only be more relevant to current events if it also added And Just Wear a Mask Seriously How Dumb Are You to the end. Slightly more seriously, this is a tip top favorite in a collection with lots of competition. I love everything about it, including Penguin (Honmono), who was just made to wear his little yellow hat.

I love the sand castles too! The card has a little sand design to go with them, but I think it looks great without it.

And things finish extremely strongly with Set Eight, Full of Energy Even Though We’re Little. You can probably guess just from the presence of Ebi Furai no Shippo and Aji Furai no Shippo I am just crazy for this one, huh…?

Being little shouldn’t stop you from being genki, I say — and neither should being big!

You can probably see above that the paint on the blocks is a little rough, but again that shows more in photos than in my display case. No real complaints here at all.

If I ever make a really proper nursery or children’s school room display, this will be prominently featured.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this set for the full price of about $41.50. This was another great purchase from amiami — I had planned to link the item/comment on its stock status, but I forgot about their maintenance this weekend. No matter where you get it, though, I can’t imagine any Sumikko fan not liking this an awful lot!

Apparently this was the best picture I got of everything all together…sorry for that quality, but I’m sure these useful items will show up in better photos soon.

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