Games: Kirby: Soy Sauce Dish (Hovering)

In which I write a bite-sized entry about how I solved a bite-sized problem after way more than a full course of work.

I think I’ve shared on here that I teach for a living, and I am currently in the USA, and it’s 2020 and today was the first day of our fall semester, so you can probably imagine I’m basically dead right now. But I thought I’d write just a little entry on this problem I was proud of myself for solving — and I used character goods to do so, because of course I did.

It looks way cuter when it’s actually got soy sauce in it, but I had other plans.

Every time I cleaned the kitchen recently, I’ve been annoyed that no matter what pepper grinder we use, it’s always so messy. One had a little cap attached, but in order to use it you had to remove that cap, and it affixed too securely to do so without a peppersplosion. And then I bought another one and it just sort of poops pepper randomly now and then everywhere as it sits. But then I saw this cute little Kirby soy sauce dish on amiami for a mere $5.50

Like Tonkatsu, he’s just cute with or without sauce.

After the world went insane, it got delayed a time or two, and I almost forgot about it until it showed up. But look, it fits just right!

Well, don’t look too close, because my kitchen looks pretty cruddy.

Hey, I’ll take my victories where I can right now, but whether you’re fighting the good fight against a peppery counter or just want a cute little dish for your soy sauce, as of this writing amiami has this and another style still in stock, so I thought I’d mention it here.

And now I’m going to go lie in bed and play video games until I pass out and try really hard not to think about another day of work tomorrow. (_ _).。o○

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