The Get List: Toreba: Plushy Dinosaur Hunt x4!

In which no plushy dinosaur is safe from my crane game “skills,” and no two dinosaurs are quite alike, no matter what I thought.

During my biggest Toreba-addict days, I got obsessed for a bit with stuffed dinosaurs. You know what they say about clinging to good childhood stuff when things get tough? That’s me right now, so much. I was a huge dino fan as a kid, so these acquisitions feel a bit like snuggling an old friend. These particular dinosaurs actually came at the tail end of what I’ve been calling my Plushy Dinosaur Hunt, but they’re all worth talking about!

This first I’ll discuss today was just a fluke. I was trying to win the pterodon (I never did have any luck, so if anyone reading this has a spare, let’s talk trades!) but ended up booping this little guy instead:


In person he’s awfully cute even for a fluke. He’s nice and soft, with nothing stiff or weirdly stuffed, and even his idiosyncrasies like his odd little toes and nubbly undersized tail just add to his charm.

When I won him, I thought he was exactly the same as another I’d won shortly before (but which arrived a few days after, because everything is now more complicated than it used to be). But actually, though they’re both from Amuse, the collections are different, and they’re not even the same type of dinosaur.

Despite me thinking they were two tyrannosauri, this is actually a giganotosaurus from 恐竜時代大集合 (Kyouryuu Jidai Daishuugou, Dinosaur Era Big Gathering):

The other is a tyrannosaurus, but from バリバリ恐竜時代 (Bari-bari Kyouryuu Jidai, Munching Dinosaur Era):

His tail is so little and binky!

I was pretty proud of my win on that tyrannosaurus, if I do say so myself. ^ – ^ I’d just snagged the stegosaurus from the same series — but I’ll get to that one next.

And when you put them side by side you can see their differences:

The tyrannosaurus (left) is more orange, and the giganotosaurus is more red. And notice the cute spikes on the giganotosaurus, and especially the length of their tails!

All in all, a couple of lovely additions to the dinosaur gang.

Ah, and here’s the stegosaurus I was originally playing for. Isn’t he absolutely sweet?

I tried unsuccessfully to find the clip, but at one point I remember poking this poor little fellow in the eye when trying to get this one.

There’s just something very dear about him!

And finally there’s this goofasaurus, from what’s apparently the Friendly Dinosaur line of plush from SK Japan:

Say cheeeeeese.

How can you resist that dorky grin and those ridiculous arms?

The closest I could find to an official image.

This was another lucky win. I was going for the triceratops but broke the claw. Sadly that still couldn’t get me the triceratops, but this guy flipped right down.

That triceratops wasn’t going anywhere, though.

He’s got personality plus with that smile. And quite a cute long tail as well!

It’s an impressive tail, really.

His smile is irresistible. Plus, I feel quite sure he must be related to this guy from a previous post:

There’s a family resemblance.

I’m just in love with these dorky little gents, and I can’t wait to bring home the rest of the spoils of my Dinosaur Plushy Hunt!

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