The Get List: Toreba: Big Long Gulping Moray Eel Plush

In which I really, really want a goofy plush, and then really, really love that goofy plush.

I get the most inexplicable Toreba obsessions sometimes, and this ガブガブうつぼ ながBIGぬいぐるみ (Gabu-gabu Utsubo Naga BIG Nuigurumi, Big Long Gulping Moray Eel Plushy) from Amuse is a perfect example. I spent more than I care to admit trying to get him, and one day I came along him in the type of setup below (it’s one of my favorites because there aren’t really any unforeseen ways to have it not move at all near the end). It only took a few little pulls and finally a push or two, and then he was all mine.

Come live at my house, friend!

In person, he’s just goofy in the most wonderful way possible. And freaking huge — more than 38 inches long!

Look at this long boi!

And in case you didn’t notice, his “gimmick” is absolutely hilarious — his mouth is designed to eat your arm. (If you look on the tag below, he’s saying 食べっちゃうよ (Tabechau yo, “I’ll eat you up”)!

Appropriately, his name is Gabu-chan (gabu-gabu means like gulping something down). In case you were wondering, his blue friend is Gyoro-chan.

As you can tell, he is vicious and terrifying and not at all a huge dork.

“This dramatic lighting really increases my star appeal.”

He’s taken quite a shine to the other inhabitants of The Moon, especially the edible ones…

Normally I would feel quite bad posting a picture like this, but Tonkatsu wants to be eaten, so….

Gabu-chan is really just made to pose with other plushies coming out of his mouth, isn’t he?

Jazz hands!

Seriously, though, this is exactly the kind of plush that makes me collect Japanese prize goods; it’s just overflowing with creativity, cuteness, and the kind of appeal kids will go crazy for. It’s an art form, really, and my new moray eel friend is just such an adorable example of it.

And the Iyami fan in me is so susceptible to that deppa.

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