Anime Goods: Re:Zero: Q Posket Figures Rem & Ram

In which I just end up a bit creeped out despite my high hopes.

My experiences with Q Posket figures have been on the negative side. On the one hand, they’re a much cheaper choice for a character figure than, say, Nendoroid, running easily under $10 for recent releases on used good sites like Mandarake and amiami. On the other hand, I tend to like characters who are on the cutesy side (and those I like who aren’t on that side don’t tend to get merchandise, much to my consternation), and they don’t translate well into this type of figure. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case with Rem and Ram from Re:Zero here.

These are quality prize figures, especially for the $5-ish price point I got them “used” (new figure, box slightly imperfect) for from amiami, though I do note a few small paint “dots” on Ram’s skirt. And they’re kind of cute, I suppose.

Although, I mean, making Rem cute isn’t exactly difficult….

The details are all there, and the stands are kind of nicely subtle compared to some others — just black with a little raised detailing — but nonetheless, these just aren’t my favorites.

I notice that Rem looks more wrong to me than Ram, but maybe that’s because Ram is a little more “wicked” as a personality type?

And to be honest, a large part of this is that these figures are just kind of creepy. It took longer than I’d like to admit to get a good picture of them that didn’t make them look like the twins from The Shining:

And even then I wasn’t that successful.

I’ve also been a bit annoyed with how little their feet like to stay in the holes on the stand. I guess when you’ve got panties that are as detailed as what you see on the below right along with feet that fit in their stand as poorly as you see on the below left, I might just know maybe I’m simply not the target audience for these figures.

So I get the feeling these will be my last Q Poskets, or at least my last female Q Poskets. They’re simply not for me, or maybe mostly they’re simply not for the type of characters I like. It’s just too easy to make them look creepy!

I was going to write something like “there goes your maid fantasy, fanboys,” but we all know yandere maids would be incredibly popular.

Sorry, Rem and Ram. It’s not your fault…

Truthfully pictures like these make me a little worried they’re going to strangle me in my sleep for this negative review.

In the meanwhile, I think I’ll stick with my Doll Crystal Rem, or go back to waiting impatiently for my Rem and Ram Nendoroid to arrive. But if you are a fan of this style and are looking for these, the $5-to-$7 price point seems to be widely available on amiami used goods for the moment. In fact, as of this writing, Rem isn’t available used or new, but they have Ram brand new in both her regular colors and this variant for less than $5 each!

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