Sumikko Gurashi: Omoshiro Fan (Dagashiya) + Room Mat (Issho ni Otamarikai)

In which we have two sweet little treats from the Sumikko gang at a bargain price.

I was going through my iPad the other day and realized I had photographed some items for the site and got, predictably, distracted by something else and forgot all about them. So let’s have a double feature of two cute little Sumikko items!

The first is this Omoshiro Fan featuring the Dagashiya Sumikko theme. Omoshiroi (おもしろい or 面白い) is an interesting word — it can mean interesting, or funny, or fun. This fan is interesting, but not so funny; I’ll go with calling this a Fun Fan.

Oddly enough, I couldn’t help but notice while I was writing this up that the package says 500 yen, amiami says the retail price is 550 yen, and their price was about 410 yen. I’ll use the price I bought it for and say this retails for about $3.80. Either way, it’s well worth it all fanned out:

Though its semi-transparent nature doesn’t exactly make it easy to photograph, as you’ll see below.

Moving from left to right, first we’ve got Shirokuma (along with Furoshiki) holding some chocolate candy on foils shaped like a bear’s head — why, that sounds a little familiar! And next to him is Penguin? and Yellow Tapioca with another typical dagashi I don’t think we’ve talked about here yet — Morocco Fruit Yogurt, which has a thickish whipped texture (sometimes more powdery) that I can’t really say tastes very much like what I think of yogurt. But but it comes in a replica of an old-fashioned yogurt pot and you eat it with the included little spoon.

Next, we have Tonkatsu and Ebi Furai no Shippo enjoying some carbonated drinks that look an awful lot like Coke and Orange Fanta (or actually, is it Bireley’s orange soda?) to me, and — on the right below — Neko and Zassou. Neko has a bag of — I’m not quite sure. Something like mini Caplico?

Finally we get quite a haul of candy and Sumikko — first, we have Tokage enjoying some ramune along with Nisetsumuri, who’s really stocked up with castella and chocolate, all in a basket that is there only for convenience and not at all to hide anything, thank you very much. And on the right, we have a group shot — Shirokuma as a marshmallow, Tonkatsu in a jar of dagashi on a stick (pickled squid? Cod?), Tokage as chocolates, Penguin? as melon ice, and Neko perfectly suited to being dressed as a stereotypical mascot on a castella package.

For our second item, I also found the pictures I took when I first got this breathtakingly precious Sumikko Gurashi Sleep Over Together Room Mat and, while I think I’ve actually used this as a background for pictures before, I don’t think I’ve showed it off on its own. It deserves it, don’t you think?

I’ll admit I was surprised at first; I hadn’t read the Mandarake listing carefully and thought I’d gotten the blanket in the same print instead; that’s what I tried, and sadly failed, several times to win on Toreba and what spurred me to search for this in the first place. Instead, for about the same price as the Omoshiro Fan above(!) I got this very soft 18-by-18 inch mat that’s too cute to put on the floor. So it resides at the foot of my bed on the Mooon, and I really like it.

When I say “bed” when referring to the Mooon, I really mean “stuffed animal pedestal.”

Especially when you consider both of these items cost less than ten dollars combined, I can’t regret a single thing. My Sumikko collection continues to grow!

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