The Get List: Toreba: Hokkai no Majuu Azarashi-san Big Melon Pan Plush

In which you can’t go wrong with melon pan, especially when it comes with a great new seal friend.

I’m so behind on writing about Toreba wins! It’s almost a shame when you get several together in a shipment because I feel like the individuals don’t get enough focus. But I wanted to devote a little time to this very cute, very hungry acquisition with a quite majestic name — this 北海の魔獣あざらしさん (Hokkai no Majuu, Legendary Beast of the North Sea Azarashi-san) plush!

I didn’t actually know anything about this character when I won him — to be honest, he just seemed rather winnable for a limited amount of money. What I do love, however, is melon pan, so it seemed like an obvious thing to go for. And here’s the win!

It’s also a good example of how pressing down with the center of the claw can work well with this type of plush crane.

Later I found out that he’s Azarashi-san from Legendary Beast of the North Sea Azarashi-san, which as far as I can tell is…primary a Twitter and LINE thing, I think? Though I feel pretty sure I’ve seen them around on merchandise and definitely prizes before.

Munch munch….now I want melon pan.

Incidentally, one thing that makes collecting sea creatures difficult is that they so often have the same names for characters from different series — like this one and Azarashi from Samezu, or the San-x character Jinbee-san and Jinbee from, come to think of it, Samezu too.

Mr B only realized when I was writing this that Azarashi-san is a seal instead of a ghost. I’ve seen other people online wondering who “the cute ghost on Toreba” is — I can see it!

In person, this Azarashi-san is just pure happiness. The plush is about 16 inches high and well designed and made throughout. I especially like the embroidery- like details on the pan itself.

The plush seems a bit more like a decorative pillow than a hugging plush, since it’s a little flat, but it’s soft and darling and just looks great on a bed. If there’s one complaint, it’s that the way the tail is placed makes it a bit difficult to sit the plush upright.

But that’s the smallest quibble ever.

I had some difficulty figuring out exactly who made this product, because the gray you see on the copyright label refers to the creator of the character, not the plush. But I figured it out — it’s Break Prize, and you can see the product page here.

I am so happy with this impulse win. I’ll keep an eye out for more with this character in the future, and if there are anime shorts or anything else I missed out on, please let me know!

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