Sumikko Gurashi: Several Random New Things

In which we’ve got a lot of sweet cuteness to catch up on.

Poor Sumikko — you’ve gotten a bit piled up with all this Pokemon! Let’s remedy that. It’s actually not that I haven’t been buying Sumikko stuff; it’s more that the things I’ve been buying require a bit of work to write about, like Re-ment sets (you’ll know which one I’m talking about soon; it’s basically a part-time job at this point) or the long, long, long delayed blog entry I’m writing about Sumikko Catch. But it’s not as if I’ve learned fiscal discipline, and there have been several cute recent things I’ve missed writing about, so let’s go with the items I have for you today!

First, we have this deceptively little and really endearing little notebook from the Tokage’s Dream series. You might notice I own almost nothing from this collection, and if I can be a little personal, it’s because I have huge “mom issues” and every single part of it makes me cry. Isn’t that awful? I love Tokage and Sumisshie (スミッシー it’s like Sumikko + Nessie as in the Loch Ness monster, and I think that is amazing) so much, but they literally murder my heart. The reason I bought this was because it was a preorder and this allowed me to put a current release in my order — plus, I have a memory like a sieve and can always use a new little notebook to write things in.

When it showed up, it was extra nice in a way that reminded me of being a kid. For some reason I have a strong memory of getting a notebook with pink inner pages like this one, which I think in the 1980s must have been fairly rare, because I was stoked about it. This one is glittery on the front and so pink and pretty on the inside! At about four inches high and three wide, it would fit great in my purse if I, er, ever got to actually go anywhere lately.

Honestly, it’s way above both my photography skill level and my patience level to photograph the cover correctly. But it’s got a glittery sheet covered with a transparent one printed with the design. (Believe it or not, the words at the bottom say In the Dreams of Sumikko Gurashi.) I like this little notebook quite a lot, despite my inability to get a decent pic.

Next, from the always-sweet Bread Class collection, I bought this zipper pouch because…. I just buy every single cute pouch I see, even when I already have too many, apparently, though I’ve got no complaints with this as a thinnish makeup or accessory pouch.

Honestly, who am I kidding — it’s pretty delightful.

I’ve also been pretty open about my love for big old pin badges, and once you spend all that time learning how to make delicious breads I figure the Sumikko should be able to feast on a few, so I picked up these. The gimmick here is that they’re squishy, like a cushion — and they are, in fact, thick and springy and super comforting to touch.

It’s a very nice feeling!

I tried to take a picture showing how thick they are, but, well, skills. Anyway, instead of putting these with the usual display, I think this might go on a bag or something too.

To finish, I’ve got a couple of cute items from the Tapioca Park line. First is another notebook (see what I mean? It’s like I actively have to hate a notebook not to buy it — god help me). This one is bigger than the last — it measures more like seven inches high and five wide.

The inner design is particularly nice, and while the foil highlights on the front and back don’t help with nice photographs, they are very pretty.

And speaking of things much cuter in person than in my pics, the last item I’ve got today is a fairly standard ball point pen featuring anything but a standard certain Neko.

I never know with this type of stuff whether I should get the pen or the mechanical pencil. I mean, the pencil is refillable (though I have this weird knack at breaking mechanical pencils that seems heavily positively correlated with the price of the pencil…), but I use more pens. Either way, my life is only improved by more cute writing utensils in general, and this one in particular.

Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive on here lately — for once, it’s not been me wallowing in 2020 blahs but just a ton of things, fun and responsibility type both. But I’ve got a lot of stuff to catch up on, so I’ll focus on that a bit more too!

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