Anime Goods: Re:Zero Ram Cute Witch Figure

In which I get an absolutely beautiful figure….but have no idea how.

So the other day, right in the middle of election stress, I got this mysterious package at the door. Frankly, with the way my memory is, that’s not all that unusual–but what was unusual is that it was from Tokyo Otaku Mode. I’m, to put it bluntly, not much of a fan. I find their pricing deceptive, get tired of sites trying to make me a member, and generally think I can buy the kind of things I like to buy elsewhere. They are far from the worst out there, and they are certainly legit, but I’m just…not a fan.

Then I opened up the package and realized that someone had sent me a gift, though no one has fessed up, and it didn’t give me any clues. So if you’re reading this and you sent me something, please tell me so I can be properly grateful. Now let’s get to talking about this beautiful figure!

From the moment I pulled Ram out of her packaging, I was really impressed with the detail and quality of the figure overall. Most of the game figures that I own are a single piece that you attach to a base, so it was weird to see that this had separate parts. I was also a little surprised by the width of the base. Look at that thing!

Forget about the Jealous Witch; this is the Jealous Stand! Too jealous to share the space with other figures. ^ – ^

I don’t know enough about the physics of how a figure stands up to say if the base’s width is necessary, but the figure is beautiful enough that it’s easily forgivable; it’s definitely something to showcase. Ram is simply breathtaking. Everything about her sculpt, from the delicate shoulder bones to the graceful gloved fingers, is really a tribute to everything pretty about the character.

While there are some semi-noticeable paint flaws on the front of her dress (I feel weird even saying that about a gift; I’m just trying to disclose everything in case anyone reading is thinking of buying it), everything is so well-made overall it just kind of doesn’t much matter.

One big positive for me is that the hat is made to fit on her head a certain way, with indentations built into the inner part to guide the piece. This sort of thing that helps you figure out how everything fits together is just a godsend I am appreciating more and more lately.

I don’t know exactly why, but the little dangly piece at the end of her broomstick really makes it extra cute.

At about seven inches high, her semi-translucent hair framing her face and just absolutely looking like she was born to be a majokko, Ram is everything amazing and is now in a place of honor front and center with my other Re:Zero prize figures. Whoever sent her, thank you so, so much!

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