Pokemon: Gigantamax Nyaasu (Meowth) Plush


I’ve got mixed feelings on the American Pokemon Center site. On the one hand, they’ve got terrible issues with stock and their customer service is slow as molasses when anything goes wrong–and, if I’m being honest, the merchandise really pales in comparison with what Japan has to offer. On the other hand, they’re currently offering free two-day shipping on items over $20 and the plush is consistently great.

Since I had a strong feeling I’d need a new cuddling companion to get me through the election, I knew I was in the market for a Pokemon — but which one? It was all decided for me when I saw the preview for last week’s Pokemon Journeys episode, where Nyaasu makes his amazing Gigantamax debut.

Gigantamax indeed! The plush is formidable enough at about 20 inches tall, but I was utterly unprepared that he’d be one of the softest plush I own. From his sweet floppy whiskers to his long, smooth body, I’m not sure there’s any Pokemon out there better for big hugs.

The character on his koban is an archaic character for big. And note the cool embroidery on the “cloud” around him below.

I also didn’t realize just how posable he is! His arms, legs, and tail are all adjustable and well made to stay firmly in place. Probably the biggest delight for me is that his tail and legs work together to allow him to stand on his own, which is amazing.

I was using the Ebi Furai no Shippo tenori plush mostly for scale here, but now I have all this headcanon about her becoming a Pokemon master.

I had to include the tag, too, despite the fact that it looks like it was mauled by a pack of wolves. It wasn’t; that’s just the devastation visited upon it due to me immediately taking this plush into my bed for a night of snuggles.

I toss and turn a lot in my sleep.

And I mean really, that alone tells you just how much I love this big boi; he’s about as perfect as it gets to snuggle, and he couldn’t be a better size for it either. If you’re one of those people with exquisite tastes who appreciate Nyaasu like I do, don’t wait to get this plush; it’s still available at pokemoncenter.com for $36. It’s worth every single penny!

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