Pokemon: Pokemofu Doll Five

In which a rather random buy comes at a great time.

In the very darkest depths of my 2020 depression, sometimes I just bought things that sounded good, even if I wasn’t sure quite sure what they were. That sort of random buying has its good sides and bad sides, and luckily the good side wins here with this set, Pokemofu Doll Five.

The outer box on these is plain black and white, but the little inner boxes are colorful and sweet. Each figure measures about 1.75 inches tall and comes with a simple but effective base that goes into the bottom of one of the Pokemon’s feet.

The name combines the poke from Pokemon with mofu (as in モフモフ mofu-mofu, soft). It’s a great name! I saw someone say they feel like peach fuzz, and they really do. Plus, since I’ve been watching a lot of Sun and Moon lately the selection was especially on point. Kiteruguma/Bewear is definitely a highlight of this set!

Below, we’ve got two versions of Sand (Sandshrew) — not much to say about the English or Japanese name, really — Alolan on the left, and the kind I’m more used to seeing on the right.

This set also features the Galar starters. Sarunori (Grookey), left, and Hibunny (Scorbunny) are well suited to this format that sort of pushes them all into a standard bipedal form.

Messon (Sobble), right, looks a little weirder, but his uncomfortable facial expression kind of makes it work. And on the left, we’ve got Captain Pikachu, who cracks me up.

I’m realizing I haven’t talked on here about the Galar starter names, but I’ve got an upcoming Re-ment terrarium review where I can tackle those, and I’m literally writing this as I’m getting rolls and potatoes ready for our little Thanksgiving. But these dolls are pretty cool! They’re still on sale at amiami for about thirty dollars. Ah, and that price is for a random box of ten; in addition to the seven above, I also got a double of Kiteruguma, Hibunny, and Sarunori. Now I’ve got my eye on this Yadon/Slowpoke!

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