Pokemon: Re-ment Terrarium Collection Six

In which I pick up six more great Pokemon friends from this Re-ment collection, and we talk more Pokemon names.

I can tell that these Pokemon Re-ment terrariums are going to be a real weakness of mine. Since the last time I wrote about them, I’ve picked up a few more, so I figured I should catch up a bit and talk about this Re-ment Pokemon Terrarium Collection Six.

Things get off to an exceptionally nice start with this first terrarium featuring Pikachu and Kireihana/Bellossom. The facial expressions are so cute, and I liked slipping the little ring of flowers over Pikachu’s ear. Bellossom is a pretty direct translation for Kireihana, where the Bel comes from words like the French belle or Spanish bella, with the same meaning as きれい kirei, pretty. Then the rest of the name — Bellossom overall, as a reference to blossom, or 花 hana, flower — just points to this Pokemon’s cute and flowery appearance.

Next, Entei is a Legendary Beast related to volcanoes somehow. Yup, that’s about all I know about Entei! If I’m being honest, I wasn’t all that impressed with this terrarium in general. The thing that annoys me the most is that there are clearly indentations for Entei’s feet to fit in, but they always pop up and hover over the spots no matter how I position everything in the Pokeball. Normally I would assume this is just stupidity on my part. But the hubs came up with the same result, so I thought I’d comment on it here.

The third set features Mew, and I really couldn’t be more pleased with it. First of all, how do you resist Mew? I am an admitted fan. Second, I really think the scenery here is lovely. The floating lotus flowers and Mew’s gentle, curious pose on the rock, combined with water features which goodness knows I love in my miniatures, make me like this one extra much.

The picture makes it look like his eyes are badly painted, and while they’re not great, it really looks pretty good in person.

I’ve got a personal rule not to buy any of these terrarium sets if I don’t absolutely love at least one Pokemon in them, like at favorite levels, and that Pokemon in this particular set was of course Sounansu/Wobbuffet. How can I not love a Team Rocket Pokemon?! I recently rewatched the episode where Musashi first got him, and I’d forgotten that he was an accidental trade. But now I love how he’s become such an authentic part of the team.

He even calls for the Gacha with the others!

Unfortunately, I feel like Sounansu gets the short end of the stick in a couple of ways. For one, the name translation into English is pretty meh. I’m guessing Wobbuffet is a combination of wobble and buffet (not the delicious Sunday tradition 2020 screwed right in the ear, but with the t sound pronounced, as in to hitting something a lot). That doesn’t have a lot to do with the admittedly-impossible-to-translate Japanese, sounding a lot like a less formal そうなんです sou nan desu, which means something like “yes, that’s right,” but a little, say, embarrassed, or needing to explain.

The other way is that the background of this terrarium is pretty boring. Sounansu himself looks great, but the broken wall and the sign just kind of leave me cold. The Patient Pokemon deserves better!


The next terrarium, featuring Kimori (Treecko), isn’t the most exciting, either. Because I skipped right over Ruby and Sapphire, I don’t really know much about him or any of the other starters. Nor do I have anything particularly interesting to say about the name; since the English combines tree and gecko, I’m guessing the Japanese is just combining 木 ki, tree, with ヤモリ yamori, gecko. Combine all this with another pretty boring background, and, well, let’s move on to the next.

The last set features Coil in Japanese — Magnemite in English, a name I think I might prefer. I’m a fan of Coil’s look (it’s why I covet Renji’s shirt from Pokemon Journeys so much) and this terrarium really stands out due to its striking design (though it’s rather hard to get the Coil-attached parts to stand and stay up).

Especially after I lucked out and found some risers that do a great job of displaying these with relatively low space taken up, I’m weak to these terrariums. These were another great addition to my collection, though I just noticed they sold out at amiami. Pokemon Re-ment doesn’t seem too hard to track down, though — I’m seeing these on auction sites rather frequently, so these are Pokemon that are still perfectly gettable!

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