Sanrio: Re-Ment Cookie Mascot (2009, Partial Set)

In which I finally start digging into older stuff to organize The Mooon and rediscover a milestone set.

It seems like any plans I make don’t work out the way I expected them to, yet they still work out, just in a form I didn’t anticipate. One of the original goals of this blog was to have it document The Mooon (which refers equally frequently to my collection and to the place where it’s displayed; I am unceasingly inconsistent) and look back at some favorites. Instead, I ended up documenting me depression-spending my way through a ton of money on new stuff — see? It ends up different than I’d envisioned.

So I figured I’d try to make up for that today with something I stumbled across when I was organizing before Thanksgiving — these Re-ment Sanrio Cookie Mascots, which were the first Sanrio character releases by Re-ment(!), way back in the distant past of 2009. I bought the set, though here I’m featuring only the eight of eleven designs I own (the Tuxedo Sam one was given to my ex, no doubt, since he was her favorite, and I had the Hangyodon one hanging off my purse for the longest time — I’m slightly sure he survived that and is tucked away somewhere, but only slightly, and he’d be in markedly sorry shape. The other Hello Kitty is…ah…I’ve no clue. (-。-;))

But what remains is awesome. Each is between two and three inches tall and has a ball chain attached. The designs have a very classic feel, like the 1980s designs I grew up with.

The character selection is exceptionally good, though it’s a little weird not to see characters like Kuromi at first, until you realize she had only been around for a couple of years by that point, and hugely popular characters like Gudetama didn’t even exist yet!

(They did such a wonderful job of making them look like cookies. The delicate frosting, the little embellishments, and — most of all — the cookie texture on the back just can’t be beat.)

Of course I was happy to see my all-time Sanrio favorite Hangyodon included (despite losing him) but I was a little surprised to see Patty and Jimmy instead of, say, Badtz Maru. (I actually think Patty and Jimmy are quite cute, but I feel like they’re often picked as least favorites in the States, at least.)

What a great buy these ended up being! I made gifts out of at least one of them, saw one of them cheerfully hanging off my bag daily for several years, and I’ve finally started putting the rest up to display them. It’s no life for such cute characters to be stored away in a plastic bag for so long, that’s for sure.

I remember, with this first release, being thrilled at the thought of Re-ment and Sanrio collaborating, though they’ve varied in quality and my interests have certainly wandered over time. But I like these now as much as I did back then — you can’t go wrong with classics, I think, and there’s nothing more classic than these!

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