The Get List: Toreba: Two New Sleepy Pokemon Plush (Gengar, Snorlax)

In which I catch two chonky favorites mid-nap.

Got time for a quick couple of Pokemon wins? I’ve got two sleepy bois who have been making me smile to show you today.

Above, you can see my tremendously lucky win for this sleeping Gengar — normally when something looks this winnable it’s gotten wedged somehow or requires really intense pushing and pulling with the claw I’m not willing to pay for, but he just booped right over.

And here he is, quite soft and round and cheerfully sleeping with his tongue out — dreaming, I’d assume, of eating human souls, you know, as one does.

He’s really quite soft, like a cuddly overstuffed carpety ghost. He measures about eight inches tall, and nearly the same in terms of width. I can’t resist any Gengar, but especially not a sleeping one like this!

  • I LOVE GANGAR でっかいぬいぐるみ 〜うとうと〜
  • I LOVE GANGAR Dekkai Nuigurumi ~Utouto~
  • I LOVE GENGAR Huuuge Plush ~Dozing Off~

Speaking of the sleepy and roundish, below you can see me win Snorlax/Kabigon. This was another one I was just plain lucky on:

Since Kabigon’s primary personality characteristic is, you know, being somewhere in the overall sleeping process, his plush tend to be a bit repetitive. That doesn’t mean they’re any less cute, though, and this one seems even softer than the Yadon I won earlier from the same lineup (if you’re looking for tag information, it’s all in that previous blog entry).

Standing (or sitting — it’s kind of hard to tell with such stubby little legs) a little more than ten inches high, Kabigon is the opposite of understuffed — he’s packed to the gills like he just ate a huge breakfast.

I’m seriously behind on writing about Toreba wins (and getting more worried by the day about large orders from the summer that haven’t shipped out yet, but that’s a whole another topic…). I need to remedy that, so keep an eye out for more Toreba plush reviews soon!

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