The Get List: Toreba: Pokemon Psyduck/Kodakku Tsuretette Plush

In which only the haunted stare of a Psyduck will do to soothe my jangled nerves.

The only other time I can recall writing about Psyduck, I was still trying to standardize the blog with Japanese names, since most of my Pokemon gaming and anime viewing are in Japanese. But this is one of those Pokemon I really think of only by the English name, and so I’m very pleased to have another Toreba Psyduck win for you today.

That name just suits Psyduck well, whereas I don’t even fully understand the Japanese name, to be honest. Kodakku (コダック) is made up of コ ko, which usually means child (it’s hard to know the intended meaning here, since Pokemon names aren’t written in kanji), plus ダック dakku, the English word duck. The duck part is easy, of course, but I wish I understood why they chose ko; maybe I’m missing something, or it’s all intended to confuse me just enough that I get into a Psyduck mindset.


I’m not sure what his exact ranking would be — I definitely need to write about that sometime soon — but Psyduck is in my top ten Pokemon for sure, and I’ll never not try to win when one shows up on Toreba. Not only do they look especially emperiled and in need of saving when stuck inside a crane machine, but they’re also the favorite Pokemon of the hubs, who sleeps with me each night in a growing pile of Nyaasu and Psyduck due to my Toreba addiction. (Those poor plush — see why I try to get a photograph of them as soon as I can, before the properly loved ones end up all squished out of shape or stepped on by my feet?)

Oh, before I forget, here’s the catch video. I love this one, because Psyduck seemingly just falls out of nowhere, right as soon as I decided I’d wasted my free ticket. It’s like he just thought about it and decided to come to my house voluntarily!

It’s nice here; we have snacks.

And here he is, all nice and plump and holding out his stubby ducky little arms just looking like the epitome of 連れてって tsurete tte — take me with you! — just like the name of this plush series. Isn’t he cute, in his Psyduck way?

How could you ever not take him along?

This plush stands between nine and ten inches tall and is acceptably (not wonderfully, not inadequately, just acceptably ^ – ^) soft on the outside as well as quite well stuffed; he’ll definitely be holding his shape, and he sits up nicely. His little outstretched arms seem like he’d look extra cute snuggling up with another plush, or maybe you could prop a photo or sign or something between his arms and legs.

There are other plush in this series, including a Gardie/Growlithe I’d love to have; Gardie was actually paired with Psyduck in this release, as you can see in the tag below.

  • ポケットモンスター つれてってでっかいぬいぐるみ 〜コダック〜
  • Poketto Monsutaa Tsuretette Dekkai Nuigurumi ~Kodakku~
  • Pokemon Take Me With You Huuge Plush ~Psyduck~

I’ve even managed to win a few of those others since then, including Yadon and Lucario. If shipping from Toreba keeps being as fast as it has been, I figure I’ll have those in less than a month! But it’s harder to be patient after seeing this one; such a cute Psyduck doesn’t do good things for my patience.

I guess I’m a sucker, too, for any time Pokemon remind me of real world animals, and since most pets I’ve had have spent a good chunk of their time asking me to take them with me, no matter where I might be going, maybe that makes me love this Psyduck a little extra. No matter where it comes from, letting him go with me is an easy wish to grant— and I expect it will be the case again and again for the Pokemon still to come!


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