The Get List: Toreba: Pokemon Slowpoke/Yadon Tsuretette Plush

In which I really need to get that other Sumikko Gurashi Corn stuff up here, but for now, it’s Yadon!

Remember the cute little Psyduck plush I won on Toreba recently — the one called Tsuretette, (Take Me With You)? I noticed on the Bandai Spirits website a little bit ago that they were making one for my sweet boi Yadon (Slowpoke), so I vowed to win him. I ended up spending something like twenty-four bucks, in another brilliant spending move in a long series of them, but I’ve got no regrets.

Check out how he rolls over and almost takes out the side of the machine!

He got here insanely fast, too. Bandai only started putting them in machines in Japan on January nineteenth, and Yadon arrived on my front step today, the twelfth of February! Honestly, that’s better than some of my regular old buying-something-off-a-website experiences lately.

Just like Psyduck before him, these plush aren’t the softest out there (though they’re still more than adequately soft — there are just a lot of really good prize plush!). What they are, however, is freaking adorable. As someone who owns my share of Yadon, they tend to all be in the same laying-on-their-tummies position, so it’s nice to see him sitting up and grinning like the adorable little doof he is.

He’s a litttle less than ten inches tall, and he’s nice and plump and firmly stuffed. Oh, and of course his tail is delicious.

Yadon no shippo wa a~mai zo!

In addition to the other Pokemon featured as Tsuretette plush, this particular release also included Lucario. Strangely enough, though he’s not a Pokemon I usually collect, I ended up winning him too. Just another thing I need to catch up on writing about here — soon, I promise!

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