Anime Goods: Re:Zero: Rem Doll Crystal

In which another darling little Rem joins my collection for an awesome bargain price.

Yet another delight from my recent amiami order — this Taito prize figure, Rem Doll Crystal. I got her “used” (brand new figure, slight box damage) for less than ten dollars!

I can see from the branding that this is specifically for the OVA Memory Snow, which I thought was very nice visually.

Standing about 5.5 inches tall, she’s a perfect little doll with an adorable face.

I’m especially fond of the use of semitransparent parts to make Rem’s hair look even more on-model; I really like how often this is done with her and other characters with similar color palettes and style.

And especially for a prize figure, all the details really come through and there are no major quality issues to note at all. Rem will be a most lovely addition to my little collection of her figures. ★彡

Unfortunately, as of this writing amiami doesn’t have any of these on offer, but as I’ve mentioned before the stock of used figures changes frequently, so I’d keep checking back. And if you’re wanting an even more complete collection, for about $24 they do have this blue-dressed, closed-eyes variant, which is just adorable too!

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