Sumikko Gurashi: Issho ni Otamarikai Rubber Charms

In which our sleepover is simply perfect from start to finish.

Since I’m trapped in the States for the foreseeable future, I find myself thinking a bit grumpily about some of the disadvantages associated with collecting under those circumstances. One of those disadvantages is that with blind box items, you can’t just buy a single set or two and hope you might get lucky and get a favorite. It really does make being an overseas fan expensive!

It’s not nearly so big a deal when I’m delighted by every single thing in a set, and that’s the case with today’s item — this Sumikko Gurashi Sleepover Together Rubber Charm Set. There’s not a single one here I am not just in love with!

I got a great deal on these, on sale at amiami (though sadly sold out now, it seems) for a little less than twenty bucks, so even though I already have way too many straps I was powerless to resist. They average about an inch and a half tall, let’s say. And look how cute they are!

I just find these two, Penguin? and his actual penguin counterpart Penguin (Honmono) — that has to be the single sentence most confusing for predictive text I’ve ever written — perfect in their little striped ensembles, with tiny monograms, no less! I quite like how these two are friends, despite their different approaches to life.

These next two win points for looking so cozy. Shirokuma is the perfect visual representation of why I am looking forward so much to cooler weather. It seems like I can handle a stressful life much better if I can be wrapped in some blanket-like object for most of it. And then, there’s Mogura — any Sumikko item with them instantly grabs my heart due to my love of moles — with Kinoko, both ready for bed, it looks like.

I can’t really begin to pick favorites here, but if I had to start, I can definitely say that Tokage (Honmono) would be high on the list. He never ceases to have the very best facial expressions, and his color palette in his pajamas is just perfect for me. All I want to do with Neko, on the other hand, is just scoop them up and take them right to bed for snuggles.

And finally we’ve got the little tooth-brushing committee down here to wrap things up! I don’t know why Tokage is at his possible-cutest-ever with a mouth full of toothpaste, but he just is. And of course to me there’s nothing in the world cuter than Tonkatsu and Ebi Furai no Shippo, with Shippo holding the toothpaste and Tonkatsu getting the brush ready.

These really won my heart — I can’t recommend them more highly!

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