San-x: Kokoroaraiguma Notepads x2

In which my tired heart could always use a good scrubbing, and I’m just so glad to have this crew along to help.

I can’t really imagine a scenario in which I wouldn’t like Kokoroaraiguma goods. On my last amiami order, I managed to pick up these two notepads (about six inches high and four inches wide) and am so pleased with them I just mostly wanted to show how cute they are, with a bit of translation here and there.

Here’s the cover for the first one — we’ll translate the words on the next page.

Here we’ve got some character bios.

  • Ashiaraiguma, who was naughty in the past, but has “washed his feet of” that kind of thing, it seems.
  • Sensai Heart-chan (sensai means delicate): Easily gets down but is very tenacious.
  • Kokoroaraiguma: A mysterious raccoon who washes hearts. “Perfect day for laundry,” they say.
The water goes splash splash as Kokoroaraiguma washes another heart clean.
  • Top row, left to right:
    • “You can touch my tail”
    • “Well done”
    • “How’s the water temperature?”
  • Just under this on the left, Kokoroaraiguma says they made a mistake and Ashiaraiguma asks “how?”
  • Bottom row, left: Ashi says “I’ve actually had some things in my past,” which Kokoro finds pretty cool.
  • Bottom row, right: Kokoro gives Ashi a scrub, asking them if they have any itchy areas, while Ashi tells Kokoro not just to go around randomly washing them.

Here Kokoroaraiguma offers to make you tea, but unfortunately spills it. These days just happen sometimes, as Kokoroaraiguma muses (and thank goodness the cleaned-up heart is quick with the tissues!). Nonetheless, Kokoro reminds us, we’re all doing our best.

Whenever I’m given the choice between two cute notepads, I always choose them both (that’s extra easy when these only cost about $2.75 each!). It was definitely the right decision here, as I can’t begin to say which of these is cuter.

I might prefer this cover a tiny bit more to the other one, but ask me again in two minutes and I may well have changed my mind.

Here the two raccoons are on break; Kokoroaraiguma made some tea, which must be pretty good, since Ashiaraiguma is asking for another cup.

  • Splish splash “I’ll wash this wounded heart.”
  • Overdid it Though sometimes they’re a little clumsy.,,,
  • Fluff fluff Thank goodness we got you all cleaned up.

The text here is just a repeat of the brief bios in the next-to-last design for the first memo pad.

Just hanging out together.

What more can I say? I remain so enchanted by these sweet little raccoons — I can’t really imagine how I couldn’t like something of theirs, but I know for sure I love these notepads, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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