San-x: Kokoroaraiguma and Ashiaraiguma Plush

In which I still can’t get enough of these two soft little raccoons.

I haven’t exactly been shy about my love for the newish San-x characters Kokoroaraiguma and Ashiaraiguma, so I had to include some goodies from them in my latest amiami order. In this entry, I thought I’d review the plush, which are nothing short of amazing.

First up is Kokoroaraiguma the heart-washing racoon themself holding a cleaned and healed heart. Standing about six and a half inches tall (that’s true of both of these raccoons here) you just can’t help but notice right away how soft they are, with such a big and bushy tail!

As is typical for San-x, even the tags are very cute. The one on the left, for Kokoro, has them making the heart all warm with a hug, and the one on the left, for Ashi, is probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a year. (Yeah, it’s weird to shorten their names like that especially considering that the heart (kokoro) is a character here, but I want more Western fans to get excited about this series and incomprehensibly long names don’t help. (^-^;)

Inside Kokoro’s tag, it has the story of how they warmed and cheered up everyone in the forests’ worried hearts with stories. They’re just awesome like that.

If I were forced under some type of physical threat to choose between these two (there’s probably no other way I could), I guess I’d go with Ashiaraiguma. I always have a soft spot for the bad, uh, raccoons. And their plush is every bit as cute as the main character’s:

Notice that, while Kokoro above has the healed heart, at Ashi’s level the best they can do is hold one that’s still pretty sad. Also, of course, notice the tail!

The tails are a plus for balance too, and the trend of a cute tag continues with Ashi’s. The inside of their tag tells the story of how they, a nameless and ill-mannered raccoon, met Kokoroaraiguma by chance one day and found they didn’t want to do bad stuff anymore.

Freaking aw. I absolutely love these. And they’re still available at amiami as of this writing!

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