The Get List: Toreba: Amuse Pocket Dog Daishuugou Big Plush (Jack Russell Terrier)

In which a fluke nets me an awfully cute little pup.

I almost feel bad writing this entry, because it was only getting another order of Toreba prizes in the mail (and you’ll be hearing plenty about those, believe me!) that reminded me that I had this sweet little guy sitting around and not written about. I forgot all about him, through no fault of his own.

Then again, even the way I got him was just a total fluke, so maybe that’s why I forgot. I had a single free ticket, and this was right when I’d learned the number one trick to get a stuck-on-claw crane win with Toreba (I mean, it’s Toreba, so it’s not some foolproof trick, but it’s been helping me here and there): Find a machine where the toy is about the same size as the claw fully stretched out. There’s always a chance it won’t be able to drop the prize once it picks it up. And that’s how I won this sweet doggie!

When I watch this, I fully relive the minor heart attack I had when the claw just sort of hangs there for a second in the middle.

No matter how I got him, this cute little Jack Russell terrier made it here and is just charming as all get out. He’s from a line called ポケットワンワン大集合 (Poketto Wan-wan Daishuugou (Pocket Dog Great Gathering), and as you can see, it consists of a bunch of adorable dogs. (I couldn’t find a link to this specific size, so I shamelessly stole this picture:

From left to right: Shiba inu, Labrador retriever, Beagle, and Jack Russell terrier. How could you go wrong with any of them?

In person, he’s really big and extra, extra soft and snuggly. There’s something about his silly face that just puts me in a great mood. His height (about 15 inches) makes him quite good for hugging, as the promotional material above shows.

His nose is imminently binkable.
Even more binkable in person!

He’s well-stuffed and made throughout. I really do love him, but…I am rapidly running out of room on The Mooon, and I’m thinking about doing a giveaway with this one. What do you think? I’ve put him away carefully in plastic for now…

Awww, his cute little tail.
  • ポケットわんわん大集合BIG
  • Poketto Wan-wan Daishuugou BIG
  • Pocket Dog Great Gathering BIG (Jack Russell terrier)

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