Cute Character Goods: Yell Ojigi Set Three

In which I take a low-cost chance and it pays off in cuteness — and a mole!

I love moles. I always have, ever since someone tried to get them off my parents’ property using soap and water flushed down their tunnels when I was a kid, and out of that tunnel flew a mole as unhurt and scrubbed up as if he’d been interrupted during his bath as you can imagine. They’re one of the most pathetic creatures in this world, and I extra love them.

This made for a happy coincidence when I ran into these Yell Ojigi figures (third set). I’d seen them before, but the inclusion of a mole was just what it took to get me to plunk down the $20-or-so-on-sale for them And here’s what I got…

Tatami mats! Well, other stuff too, but for some reason I started off impressed right away that each of these came with a pretty well-made plastic tatami mat (I assumed from the box copy they’d be paper). These are going to have a lot of display uses – honestly can’t have too many.

Our first bowing friend is the tanuki (the actual raccoon dog, not the mythological figure) and right away I was pretty surprised at the quality of the color and sculpt; these retail for about half of what Re-ment does for approximately the same size, and I always just figured that would show in quality. However, I don’t see that — these are great!

Maybe it’s my love for Nyaasu, or maybe it’s my love for the Buddhist tale about the false-pious cat, or maybe it’s because our cat is an intergalactic space princess spreading chaos (and snuggles) wherever she goes, but there always’s something about a bowing cat that strikes me as a little suspicious, but in the cutest way! I really like this little one’s (literally — he’s a munchkin cat) tail.

I’m also extremely susceptible to the power of chonk, and I’m kind of a fan of presenting animals in more realistic ways rather than “cute-ing them up” all the time, so I don’t know, this pig kind of cracks me up! His little toenails and fat rolls and chunky butt just make me smile.

These all have so much charm that it’s hard to choose a favorite. But if I had to pick, I think it would be the two I’ve saved for last. First up we have this snowy owl, who seems at first glance to be on the up-and-up, but notice that he has a bit of a secret…

Check out his peeking eye — or is he winking? Either way, he seems rather a mischievous sort. And I’ve always had a fondness for owls, extra extra lately because I have been watching this clip of a bathing baby owl every time my anxiety gets awful and it really has been working.

And then finally we get to….the mole! Nothing greater, I say. Check this wee fellow out!…And he looks extra respectful and sweet doing his little bow.

These figures straddle a realistic look with a “cute” look just perfectly; I’ve seen these ojigi figures before, along with similar ones like this from the same producer, and I’m honestly shocked I haven’t picked one up until now. I will definitely keep an eye out for them, though. They’re just too cute to pass up!

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