Sumikko Gurashi: Mogura Funwari Plush

In which I can never get enough mole, but still….

I’m on the record as being extremely pro-mole; they’re my favorite animal, and I got into Sumikko Gurashi at first because I thought there was a possibility Tonkatsu could be a mole when I very first saw him, and then I was double pleased to see that Sumikko Gurashi has a mole character, too. I mean, they’re a mole, drawn in Sumikko style! And although they haven’t received a lot of attention up until now, I was most stoked when I heard there was going to be a collection based on them.

However, if I’m being honest, the Mogura no Ouchi collection is a little underwhelming. So Mogura, uh, is kind of a hoarder (not in the clinical sense…) and they have some jewels and stuff. Sumikko help them clean. That’s kind of it. It’s kind of a 2020-quality collection, to be honest. So the one thing I bought from it (from this collection, mind you; I managed to get waste plenty of Sumikko money on the rest of my order, but I’ll save that for another entry) was this Funwari Plush (funwari means something like fluffy).

So first off, Mogura is huge, probably about twelve inches high, and the outfit is — er, it’s… not all that great. The feet have a fuzzy texture like slippers, but they’re really understuffed and look a bit floppy. The skirt is kind of weird. Sumikko just look strange in skirts sometimes. I think it’s because they’re so round.

Everything is so sparkly it’s a little too much, even though the details are great for the most part. I think maybe I would have adjusted more to the sheer pinkness of it all (and you’re talking to a huge fan of Ojamajo Doremi, PreCure, and character goods from the 1980s; I have a big tolerance for pink!) if the toy were a little better quality. But this isn’t particularly fluffy and the plush itself isn’t all that soft. What I feel here is no better than a lot of my prize plush, and, to be honest, worse than several of those.

The details are all there, like I said; I love the charm above on Mogura’s skirt, but of all the things I’ve seen a Tapioca dressed up as, “stuck through a ring” isn’t a favorite. Nor did I find any of Mogura’s additional backstory all that interesting. The below tag says that Mogura likes to collect treasures and is happy to have become closer with the Sumikko. Which is, you know, cool and all, but could be a little more inspired….

The one on the left says “We went to play at Mogura’s house. The sparkling treasures Mogura’s found.”

So…yeah. It’s rare that I have a pretty firm “wouldn’t recommend” on an item, and maybe it’s because money’s a little tighter than usual right now due to the holidays and, you know, the whole world falling apart and whatnot, but I’m going to go ahead and say the approximately $30 price for this isn’t worth it. There are better plush, better toys, and better Sumikko goods out there. Hopefully our next review will fit into at least one of those categories!

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