The Get List: Toreba: Sumikko Gurashi Chocolate Biscuit Ribbon Tokage Plush

In which I get an easy win and a really cute addition to my Sumikko plush collection.

I don’t remember if this one was a free ticket, but if it wasn’t, it was close — I wasn’t really expecting to get this plush at all! But as I’ve said many times, I’m a sucker for this type of machine; it’s really the only one I have significant success with.

It’s fairly rare to have a Sumikko plush with this setup on Toreba nowadays, so I had to bring our lizard(-ish) friend home. Yet I was so glad when they arrived!

You know, I’m pretty well used to these sort of random plush across different San-x lines, but the execution here seems exceptionally….random? Like we’ve got this antique-colored striped cape all tied up in the front plus this kinda-permanently-dented pillbox hat, all a little bit too snug and it’s all a little confusing. I like to think Tokage is doing some “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” cosplay here. Regardless, I’m into it.

I didn’t set up Morpeko in the back there to look specifically like they were popping into every picture; the fact that it happened organically kind of makes it extra awesome.

All in all, like so many of these prize plush, the plush itself is nice quality (if not the softest thing I’ve ever felt), the costume is pretty terrible quality, and it still has quite a proud place among my other Sumikko stuffed toys anyway. The fact that it’s almost fifteen inches tall doesn’t hurt one bit! And while I’m not quite sure what exactly makes this a “chocolate biscuit” ribbon design/plush as opposed to anything else, that doesn’t stop me from snuggling up with another Tokage friend here in the corner.

  • チョコビスケットリボンぬいぐるみXL
  • Choko Bisuketto Ribon Nuigurumi XL
  • Chocolate Biscuit Ribbon Plush XL

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