Pokemon: Megahouse GEM Figure Ghost Type Daishuugou

In which I splurge and am relieved the result is awesome.

I’m not sure if there’s a behavioral specialist alive that could understand my spending habits. I’ll spend hundreds of dollars on character goods and miniatures, but big money single purchases freak me out. I generally avoid figures in the hundred dollar range, but I kept returning to this figure, regretting not getting it. As it turns out, my instincts were right to return to it. I love this figure!

Ghost is, if not my very favorite Pokemon type, way up there for me as types go. And here we have Gengar, Mimikyuu, Muuma (Misdreavus), Chandela (Chandelure), and Juppeta (Banette). Honestly, the only thing that I could possibly ask for more is a Yomawaru (Duskull), but nonetheless the selection is great.

And oh my gosh, the sculpt! Each and every one of the Pokemon here are showcased at their best and coolest — even poor Mimikyuu, kind of overwhelmed by the sheer force of personality that is Gengar, ends up looking pretty bad ass with their Shadow Claw.

Everything about this figure just screams movement. The Pokemon all seem to be rushing forward, the mist around them hangs about all spookily, and everyone has their own way of holding themselves and moving, from Gengar leaping to Chandela sort of lurking. It all somehow makes the figure seem huge compared to its actual size between six and seven inches.

So am I pleased with this purchase? I very much am! It came in yesterday, and I actually got up first thing this morning and squeed over it a little. It’s been a while since I loved a figure that much. I think it actually looks better in person than I expected from the pics at amiami — and it’s still available too, so if you’re a ghost type fan like me, I’d really recommend this one!

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