Pokemon: Re-ment Terrarium Collection Four

In which I finally get off my butt and write about this cute little set.

The trend of really good Pokemon-themed Re-ment continues with this set, the fourth in the Terrarium Collection series, and the selection of Pokemon was so cute I couldn’t resist this for about $35 at my old friend amiami. Let’s look at what’s inside!

Each of the terrariums in this series comes in the form of a clear Pokeball which can be opened on top with a scene inside. Each measures about four inches high. The first is probably my very favorite of all, and as appropriate as can be for Halloween — Gengar haunting a spooky little town!

Despite the fact that — as you can see above — the hedges like to pull away from the front when you put the whole thing together, I’m pleased with the quality throughout, and you cannot beat that design! I had to include a closeup of Gengar’s back spikes, too. They’re among his cutest features.

The next terrarium features the rare Pokemon I know by the English name as opposed to the Japanese: Totodile in Japanese is apparently Waninoko, which is easy enough to remember — it’s basically just “baby crocodile.” He looks extra cheerful as he splashes his way along, even if the water and rocks don’t line up especially well.

This next terrarium (Fire in Japanese, Moltres in English) is very different than the others, but it really has grown on me. I remember Fire from back in the Red/Blue days, so it’s actually pretty cool to have such an atypical figure feature it.

Next we’ve got a Pokemon I haven’t been shy about talking about my love for: Yadon/Slowpoke! I tilted it a bit in the picture below so you can see Shellder just about to bite its tail.

Of course, Yadon isn’t bothered by this one bit — honestly I could stand to learn a lesson from him about how I approach life — and this one is up there in terms of favorites among this terrarium collection! The water effects are especially nice, too.

I’ve also got such a sweet spot for Mareep (who evolves into Mokoko/Flaaffy and then one of my personal favorites Denryuu/Ampharos, making it one of those evolutionary lines I kind of love them all in). So how do you make Mareep even cuter? Have a Pikachu fall asleep on one, of course.

I’m just so happy they decided to perma-affix Pikachu to Mareep, since similar Re-ment that have foregone this have been really hard to get to stand up just so.

Speaking of “hard to get to stand up just so,” probably the most frustrating terrarium to get put together (which explains why the picture below is a little blurry; normally, I’d retake the picture, but it’s on the shelf now and I’m not changing it) — here’s Blacky/Umbreon!

Despite my minor gripes with getting Blacky to stand up correctly and the flowers not to fall apart, this one has lots of style. The colors are very sophisticated and go great with Blacky’s overall color scheme. There’s almost an air of mystery about this design.

Despite being a bit on the pricey side, it’s hard not to recommend these little terrariums. The only thing I’m struggling with its whether I want to put these in a glass cabinet like similar Re-ment with the lid off for visibility or on a shelf in their closed Pokeballs….

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