Pokemon: Re-ment Tsunagete Cord Keeper Three

In which at least I get some cute Pokemon out of a probably-foolish spending decision.

The hubs and I were talking the other day about “Cord Keeper” type figures, and when these Re-ment Pokemon Tsunagete Cord Keeper 3 figures went on sale at amiami (from a regular price around $42 to a sale price around $13), I thought it must be karma. While I like what I got, even the sale price might be a little much for these….

The quality is decent; it’s not amazing, but it’s decent. The texture on these is slightly rubbery, which makes sense because they need some flexibility to open up for the cord. We’ve got Transel (Metapod) and Dedenne below:

The Alola version of Rokon (Vulpix), who I’m feeling extra fond of lately now that I’m catching up on Sun and Moon and wanting to snuggle Lilie constantly:

I’ve always had a certain amount of fondness for Hasboo (Lotad) below:

If I’m being honest, one of the major reasons I bought this was for Kiteruguma. (Let’s face it, I like any Pokemon that Team Rocket uses, and that’s just a fact.) Kiteruguma, incidentally, is another great example of good Pokemon name translation. The Japanese name comes from (I’m assuming) three sources: 着てる kiteru (derived from 着る kiru to wear — kiteru can be translated as “is wearing”), 着ぐるみ kigurumi (a costume which in my experience is usually full-body), and 熊 kuma (which can change to guma in compounds and means bear). The English name, Bewear, aptly includes all of those things, combining bear and wear with the fact that you probably should beware of Bewear.

The Cord Keeper function isn’t a big attraction here, to be honest, although as you can see above and below it works. Maybe if I had a lot of cords sort of suspended this would be a practical way to display these figures, but like all good adults my cords are in a wad on the floor and that’s how they’re going to stay. (^_^;) Anyway, on the left below we have a Pokemon whose name I didn’t know in any language — it’s apparently Swablue in English, and, er, Chiretto in Japanese? (Apparently the official romanized verson is Tyllto, which is some Nyarth-level weirdness, but whatever.) And then on the right, of course, is my sweet Hitokage/Charmander!

My favorite of all of these figures might well have turned out to be Pikachu, though, because (1) I just love him with ketchup and (2) it seems like he broke the ketchup and now he’s sad. No worries, Pika, I’ll get you some more!

So would I pay $40-something for these? Certainly not; I’m not sure I should have paid the $10-ish price. Nonetheless, there’s no Pokemon acquisition I can be too sad about, and if when I get the Lilie Nendoroid, I know what I’m going to use for her Alola Rokon. That combined with Ketchup Mania Pikachu and Kiteruguma make it worth it for me!

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