The Get List: Toreba: Two Pokemon Nyaasu/Meowth Plush Wins (Plus Some Well-deserved Appreciation!)

In which I actually win a couple of my dear little never-gets-his-due bakeneko friend.

Pardon me if I do a little philosophizing along with the usual comments today, but geez my little Pokemon favorite Nyaasu (Meowth) never gets a break. It’s bad enough that in the anime he’s pretty much guaranteed to have his heart broken

Or be called a freak for being a linguistic genius

Or get caught in a trap

Or literally die and “go toward the light”

(Several times)

Or be hung from a tree

(Also several times)

Not to mention all the electrocution

(It’s got to affect his health at some point, right? (^^;)

And now here I am, finally winning a couple of Nyaasu on Toreba but not doing any writeup on them at all. (If you’re wondering why the plush don’t look brand new, this is also the reason; they were pulled into snuggling service before pictures were taken). Nyaasu deserves better — and so do these plush!

I love the way he just flips over!

This first plush is from a collection I’ve discussed on here before — the Poke Hug Huuuge plush where I’d won Gardie/Growlithe (trying to win Nyaasu!). Like that one, this measures about eight and a half inches tall (depending on where you stand on measuring his koban and whiskers).

Nyaasu is extra soft and fuzzy and dear; the texture is nicer than Gardie and a few of the similar plush I’ve won, I’d say. It makes him harder to photograph (he looks extra scrubby in the pictures, even beyond the snuggling I’ve already given him) but even better to hug — hey, hence the name!

Below you can see my other win (which I pretty much get in the same way, and similarly after spending way too much — maybe I like Nyaasu so much because we have similarly bad luck).

This plush is similar, down to its size and Nyaasu again being paired up with Gardie, to the last one. It’s from a line called Poke Gyutto, where ぎゅっと gyutto can be used for “tightly,” like a hug — I’m going to call it Pokesqueeze.

  • ポケットモンスター ポケぎゅっとでっかいぬいぐるみ 〜ニャース〜
  • Poketto Monsutaa Poke Gyutto Dekkai Nuigurumi ~Nyaasu~
  • Pokemon Pokesqueeze Huuuge Plush ~Meowth~

Look at his sweet sleeping face!

If I have any gripe with prize plush for Nyaasu, it’s that his whiskers are made of flimsy felt that can’t take any rough handling, much less being vacuum sealed and shipped via Toreba. Poor things….though it’s not entirely out of character, huh.

Nonetheless both of them are perfect, snuggly additions to my Pokemon plush collection, and live happily among my other Nyaasu plush, dreaming — like me — for the day when a genuinely huge one becomes winnable. And when good old Nyaasu gets his due in general!

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